One Piece: Underrated Zoro moments forgotten over the years

An image of Zoro getting ready to fight in WanoCrunchyroll

Rorona Zoro is the first Straw Hat Member and has been Luffy’s ally since the beginning of his journey. From his sacrifice in Thriller Bark to using Conqueror’s Haki, One Piece has several incredible moments of Zoro. However, many of the underrated moments fans have forgotten over the years.

One Piece portrays a wide variety of powerful characters, each with their own set of abilities and powers. While a majority of characters use Haki or Devil Fruit abilities, some are skilled with weapons such as swords. 

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These Swordsmen are known for their unique fighting skills. Among them is Rorona Zoro, a member of the Straw Hat crew. He uses three swords in his fighting style, something no one else in the world does.

As Luffy’s right-hand man, he has always been in the limelight. However, several iconic moments of Zoro were overshadowed in One Piece.

The moment Zoro is introduced in One Piece


Luffy’s and Zoro’s always had the perfect compatibility when it came to fighting side-by-side. Even now, Zoro is always there to watch Luffy’s back against extremely powerful opponents. It has been this way since Zoro and Luffy first fought against Marines in Shell Island.

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When Zoro is captured for saving a little girl from Helmeppo’s wolf, Luffy saves him. Once he is free, dozens of Marines attack them, and Luffy fights them single-handedly. However, Luffy keeps himself wide open, giving Morgan a chance to strike him down.

Surprisingly, by defeating Morgan, Zoro saves Luffy’s back at just the right moment. This establishes their dynamic, where Luffy always charges toward enemies head-on, and Zoro is there to support him.

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The moment Zoro chooses Sandai Kitetsu in One Piece


Zoro has always used special swords in the series, some even legendary ones. In the “Loguetown Arc,” Zoro comes across a cursed sword called “Sandai Kitetsu”, made by Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father.

However, because the sword is cursed, the shopkeeper is hesitant to give it to him. However, Zoro is intrigued by this concept and decides to acquire it by testing his luck.

He throws Sandai Kitetsu into the air and holds out his arm, willing to let it cut his arm off. Luckily, the blade circles neatly around his arm. The shop owner gives Zoro both Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri for his skill and luck. Although Yubashiri is destroyed in battle, Zoro carries Sandai Kitetsu with him even now.

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The moment Zoro fights Monet in One Piece

An image of Zoro slicing Monet in halfCrunchyroll

Although Zoro wouldn’t intentionally fight a woman, he isn’t recklessly chivalrous like Sanji. In the “Punk Hazard Arc,” Zoro’s brief with Monet comes to an end when Tashigi interferes. The Marine swordswoman wants to defeat the Snow Woman all on her own.

However, Monet’s Logia powers are too much for Tashigi’s weak Haki. Seeing Tashigi in such a state, Zoro finally decides to fight Monet for real. This is surprising since Monet is confident that Zoro wouldn’t harm a woman.

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However, Zoro simply questions back if she’s ever seen a wild animal she’s sure would never attack. He instantly slices Monet in half, making it seem like she’s dead. However, he attacks her without using Haki, but that is enough to break her fighting spirit. Although Monet is uninjured, she is incapable of fighting again.

The moment Zoro first uses the nine-sword style in One Piece

An image of Zoro using nine-sword style in One PieceCrunchyroll

Among Zoro’s many sword styles, perhaps the most bizarre one is his nine-sword style, Asura. Not only does Zoro creates an illusion of having three heads and six arms, but he also gains massive power whenever this technique is activated.

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In the “Enies Lobby Arc,” Zoro is disadvantaged against CP9 agent Kaku. However, just when Kaku uses his most powerful attack, Zoro counters it with this new technique. 

Not only that, but One Piece hypes this scene with flashbacks of the injured Straw Hats. As Zoro remembers his crew’s suffering, he launches his strongest attack in the series, defeating Kaku in one single strike. 

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