Haikyu!! anime drops teaser for final two films

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Haikyu movie

While the anime Haikyu!! ended two years ago, the franchise will be getting two more animated films to cap off the series.

Haikyu!!, the popular sports anime that ended in 2020, seems to not be letting go just yet, as two new anime films are on the way.

The series, which features Hinata Shouyou, a short student who joins his school volleyball team in order to become like the champion star volleyball player “the small giant,” has been a hit with anime audiences since it first premiered in 2014.

This popularity may be why, two years after it ended, two new final films were announced at the Haikyu!! x V.League Allstar Special Match event on Saturday, August 13, in Tokyo.

What are the new Haikyu!! films about?

The primary phrase of the upcoming movies is: “Who will we become tomorrow?”

The newly released trailer by JP Anime features nostalgic panels from the manga as well as new clips for the movies, and clearly states that this will be the final show for the franchise.

The trailer boasts old fan-fave characters along with new faces, as anime movies do tend to introduce new characters for the plots to work. Though maybe since this is a finale movie, more of the focus will be on the main protagonists.


The films will likely follow the plot of the manga by Haruichi Furudate and anime by Production I.G, both of which ended in 2020. The manga had 45 volumes and the anime had 4 seasons, each with their own overarching storylines to match the number of volleyball games within the series.

According to the teasing visuals, there will be a film kick-off event next August for fans of the series.

The Haikyuu!! manga has also inspired a series of stage plays, a clay-animated short, and several video games.

Haikyuu!! Seasons 1-4 can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll.