Crunchyroll has “no announcements” about raising prices — for now

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Crunchyroll has quelled rumors of a potential price hike coming soon, stating there aren’t any plans at present outside of Funimation accounts having to switch services.

A flurry of misunderstanding has occurred on social media, leading anime fans to believe that Crunchyroll might be about to introduce a price hack. This is, in part, due to the consolidation of Funimation within Crunchyroll, where the latter is being shut down as a standalone service.

Controversy has swirled around this decision, since Funimation users won’t have the anime shows and anime movies they own on the platform honored by Crunchyroll.

Another tidbit to come from the move has been a belief that Crunchyroll is about to get more expensive. In a new statement, the company has said this isn’t happening.

Crunchyroll doesn’t intend to raise prices in the near future

In a comment given to Anime News Network, Crunchyroll stated it has “no announcements about a price change at this time.” Pressed about changes within the next two years, the company calls the possibility “improbable.”

So, it’s possible your subscription will go up, just not in the immediate future. Where there is a jump in price happening is Funimation accounts migrating to Crunchyroll. Users have the option of moving, but they’ll need to pay Crunchyroll’s current prices, even if they’re on legacy accounts.

Funimation offered longtime subscribers the ability to stay at a certain price point if they remained ongoing users over a long period. This has meant some accounts for paying less then $60 annually, a steep contrast to the $99 annually Crunchyroll currently runs at.

However, this is something that only impacts those legacy accounts. Everyone else is simply subject to the regular price, which isn’t changing at present. We may see a change at some point in the future, but it’s not happening right now, and probably won’t until the Funimation shut down is complete.

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