Crunchyroll and Funimation merger explained

Tristan Stringer

Many eyebrows are being raised as Funimation’s streaming service combines with the anime giant Crunchyroll – so, we’re explaining what the merger means.

Recent news from Crunchyroll‘s acquisition of Funimation has hit the anime world by storm, with questions flying left and right on what’s going on with most people’s primary way of watching their favorite anime series and what will change on the platform.

It’s been a rocky start for the merger where, in a controversial move, all digital purchases made on Funimation will be deleted when the streaming service goes away, leaving fans enraged. It’s a question of how this incident will be resolved, but for now, let’s get into everything we do know is happening with the Crunchyroll Funimation merger.

When is Funimation shutting down?

Funimation will be ending its streaming service from April 2, 2024, with all support going towards the Crunchyroll platform.

Are Funimation exclusive shows heading to Crunchyroll?

goku and vegeta staring down dragon ball enemy

So far, the only anime series outright confirmed heading to Crunchyroll from Funimation is Dragon Ball Z Kai, the 20th anniversary recut edition of Dragon Ball Z, remastering episodes into HD and cutting out most filler, getting straight to the action.

Most Funimation exclusive series from Sping 2022 onwards will make their way onto Crunchyroll in time, with the end goal being for all content from the closing service to be on Crunchyroll. This is the blanket statement provided with no specific mentions of particular shows. It is thought that location will still play a factor in the case of what shows are available in your specific region.

Will I lose my digital purchases on Funimation?

The answer is, unfortunately, yes.

In a statement from Crunchyroll, as the Funimation streaming app will shut down on April 2, 2024, all content purchased will also be deleted from your account. This includes any purchases that include higher quality with Blu-ray features and enhancements. It may be time to invest in physical releases.

Will I need to make a new Crunchyroll account?

No, those with a Funimation account will be able to access Crunchyroll for the remainder of their subscription.

If you log into Crunchyroll with your Funimation account credentials, your subscription should roll over to the other anime streaming service. From the end of your subscription date, you’ll need a Crunchyroll subscription.

Will I lose my place in the anime I’m watching?

Unfortunately, most likely, as it’s unclear if your watch history on Funimation will carry over onto Crunchyroll. It’s likely a good idea to make a note of where you are in the series on Funimation’s end so you can jump to the episode instead of having to play catch up.

That’s all the information we have on the Crunchyroll Funimation merger; watch this space because we’ll keep it updated with all the newest information as we receive it while Crunchyroll absorbs Funimation.

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