WoW player reimagines iconic Hearthstone character in Warcraft

Lawrence Scotti
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A World of Warcraft fan has gone viral after making a 3D model of one of the more iconic characters from Hearthstone.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s flagship card battler based on the massively popular Warcraft franchise.

Over the years, Hearthstone has brought countless characters from WoW to the popular card game turning them into cards of varying strength.

Now, with WoW’s next expansion Dragonflight on the horizon, Blizzard has begun bringing over characters that originate from Hearthstone over to WoW.

With a handful of characters already revealed, there is one specific character from the card game fans want to see in the upcoming expansion, and one fan took matters into their own hands to see them make their first 3D appearance.

kazakus hearthstone
Kazakus’ first Legendary card in Hearthstone.

WoW player recreates Hearthstones’ Kazakus in Warcraft

Reddit user Naitsade posted to the World of Warcraft subreddit a 3D model they created of Kazakus imaged in World of Warcraft

Kazakus is a character original to the Hearthstone universe, a Zandalari Troll that has appeared both in Troll form as well as his dragon form in multiple Legendary minion cards.

Naitsade’s imagining of Kazakus’ Troll form is quite incredible and identical to his original Hearthstone design from when he debuted in the expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan back in December 2016.

One Hearthstone fan in the comment section said, “Considering all the Hearthstone characters we’re getting in Dragonflight, we need our Zandalari, Arcane crack cooking Dragon and his cult.”

Kazakus joining the squad of Hearthstone characters joining WoW with Dragonflight would make a ton of sense, and fans are hoping Blizzard can make it become a reality.

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