Blizzard is bringing iconic Hearthstone characters to WoW Dragonflight

Lawrence Scotti
rafaam hearthstone

WoW Dragonflight players have spotted multiple characters from Hearthstone in the newest build of the expansion’s alpha.

Hearthstone has served as one of Blizzard’s most consistent properties since the game was launched back in March 2014.

The card game is based on the World of Warcraft universe, using WoW’s most popular characters and locations as inspiration for both cards and heroes.

With Hearthstone pumping out so much content each year, the devs have slowly created their own characters over the years that fit perfectly within the WoW universe. Now, WoW is finally returning the favor and pulling in characters from Hearthstone.

af kay cariel roame hearthstone
A.F. Kay and Cariel Roame from Hearthstone will join WoW Dragonflight.

Hearthstone characters spotted in WoW Dragonflight

WoW players noticed in an early version of the Dragonflight alpha that multiple characters from Hearthstone have made their way over to the MMO.

Popular Hearthstone characters Cariel Roame and A.F. Kay make an appearance in Dragonflight, Roame spotted in the Alliance starting camp at the Waking Shores, and A.F. Kay can be seen also in the Waking Shores between the Ruby Life Pools and the Obsidian Bulwark.

On top of them, a third popular character from the card game is coming to Dragonflight with Rafaam. Rafaam has had multiple different Legendary cards in HS, and players believe his inclusion could be tied into potentially reviving Galakrond, who is an original proto-drake.

Being that Dragonflight’s story arc deals with the Titans and the origins of Dragons, it’s entirely possible Rafaam and Galakrond have a significant impact on the story of the expansion, although nothing has been confirmed just yet. With Dragonflight set for a release sometime in late 2022, we might not have to wait long before uncovering what role Rafaam will play.