WoW Dragonflight player discovers hilarious reason why Gnomes can’t be Druids

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WoW Dragonflight players have discovered the laughable reason why Gnomes cannot be Druids, and it’s as adorable as it is funny.

In Blizzard Entertainment’s popular MMO World of Warcraft, players can pick from over a dozen races to play from within two combating factions, the Alliance and the Horde.

Within those factions are races exclusive to each side, and each race has certain classes they can and can not be. For Gnomes on the Alliance, they have a few classes that are locked out including Druid.

Now, one player has claimed to discover the reason why Gnomes cannot be Druids.

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WoW Dragonflight is the popular MMO’s next expansion.

WoW Dragonflight player discovers hilarious Gnome fact

User Wijione posted to the WoW subreddit a joke about why Gnomes are unable to be Druids.

In the post they said added a picture of what form Gnomes would take if they actually were able to transform as Druids can.

Their cat form would be an orange tabby cat, their bear form would be a tiny adorable bear, their Moonkin form would be a baby bird, and their Tree of Life form would simply be a weed of grass.

The post was so funny that it skyrocketed to the top of the Reddit page with over 10,000 upvotes in just one day.

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Users in the comment section absolutely loved the idea of Gnomes being Druids. One WoW fan said, “I normally don’t advocate for micro-transactions but this…this is something I’d pay for.”

Another added, “That is exactly why they should be!”

Although it’s unlikely Gnomes will ever be able to be Druids, it sure would be incredible to see their animal forms.