WoW Dragonflight players discover beloved Hearthstone Druid in new expansion

guff runetotemBlizzard Entertainment

WoW Dragonflight players have discovered Guff Runetotem has been brought over from HEarthstone to the new WoW expansion, and fans are loving it.

Blizzard Entertainment has begun bringing over loved characters from Hearthstone over to World of Warcraft for the first time ever.

The card battler, which is based on the WoW universe, has invented plenty of awesome Warcraft characters of their own, and Dragonflight will mark the first time Blizzard is crossing over the two franchises.

With a handful of Hearthstone characters already revealed to make appearances in the Dragon Isles, like A.F. Kay and Cariel Roame, there’s a new one that’s been discovered that shocked both HS and WoW fans alike.

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Guff Runetotem makes his way to WoW Dragonflight

On September 23, WoW players playing the Dragonflight beta for the first time noticed that Guff Runetotem has been added to the Horde intro of the Dragonflight expansion.

Guff originated in Hearthstone in many different forms. He’s available as a Legendary minion card, an alternate hero for the Druid class, a Hero card, and a boss minion in Mercenaries.

The Tauren Druid has become beloved for his beloved, happy-go-lucky personality.

In the intro Horde zone, Guff can be seen holding an enormous frog. He even has lines of dialog which read, “Hey, is it adventuring time? Guff loves that time.”

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Hearthstone fans have long been demanding Blizzard bring the most popular characters from the card battler over to the popular MMO, and now, that dream is finally becoming a reality. And, hopefully for their sake, Guff won’t be the last character to make the cut.