WoW community concerned Season of Discovery will have “too many Paladins”

A Paladin stands with a glowing tome in Season of DiscoveryBlizzard Entertainment

With World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery releasing soon, speculation on which classes will excel has begun in earnest, leading some to fear the game could have far too many Paladins.

Season of Discovery is making significant changes to the Classic WoW formula. Though it will be built in largely the same setting, players will have new loot, experiences, and previously unfinished locations to explore.

Additionally, there will be more powers and abilities that players can accrue via the Rune Engraving system. This new feature will alter the class system hugely, allowing certain classes to operate in previously impossible roles. As a result, this has also led to enormous speculation on which choices will perform the best in the initial meta.

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This speculation has led some to believe that there could be too many active Paladins in the game, limiting the availability of group slots.

The Season of Discovery meta is difficult to predict

In a post on Reddit, one user shared their desire to play Holy Paladin in Season of Discovery. However, they feared the class’ popularity could cause significant headaches when finding groups.

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Many were quick to try to assuage the concern of the OP, saying that the strength of Holy Paladin should make it difficult for them to turn down. One said: “Nobody will ever complain about having a paladin that actually wants to heal and a very small number of the people rolling paladin in SoD are doing so because they want to heal.”

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Another added: “I think there will be relatively a lot. But people wanting to live the hybrid dream always end up finding it’s not as rosy on the other side. There always ends up being more of them represented in Reddit polls and way less in the actual server pop at endgame.”

Some did counter those proposals, instead suggesting the OP select their backup option of Holy Priest as a viable alternative. One said: “Without a doubt. There will be more paladins than you’ve ever seen lol. Just like Wrath. Priest will be so valuable, and you will always have a spot. I’m genuinely considering priest over shaman.”

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Whatever does materialize when Season of Discovery releases on November 30, it’s likely nobody has successfully predicted the meta with so many unknowns still in play. Maintaining that sense of mystery is undoubtedly Blizzard’s primary intention, and it’s doing a great job of building a discourse among the game’s community.