WoW players debate “ridiculous” spellcaster’s potential in Season of Discovery PvP

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery looks set to turn the existing class formula for the game on its head, and the community thinks one class could be way above the rest in PvP.

For those unaware, Season of Discovery is widely seen as a confirmation of Classic+, with a series of changes set to be baked into the original formula of Vanilla WoW. Among them are the expected completion of unfinished zones to explore and new gear and loot to collect.

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Additionally, players will be able to find Runes in the world that pertain to their chosen class. These Runes can then be engraved onto their gear, granting new powers and abilities in the process. In theory, this will then allow classes to operate in roles that were previously impossible.

The effects of this system will be profound, but PvP will be an entirely different prospect, and some community members are sharing how they think Warlocks could be set to dominate.

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Upcoming Warlock abilities are well-suited to PvP in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one user shared how they felt the Warlock combination of Improved Drain Life (which will no longer channel and heals for 50% more) and Soul Link (which diverts damage to Demonic Pet) could make them incredibly strong in PvP.

Many were quick to disagree with the OP, with one saying: “Warlock isn’t going to be nearly as good as everyone thinks, especially early. Destro will be good at 25, but demon form isn’t really that much mitigation even with some beefy cloth armor pieces. Dots will do very little damage.”

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Others preferred to reserve judgment until the full game releases, with one stating: “I’ll believe it when I see it. People have a very skewed opinion on what is good in pvp. I’d be happy to see some variety in pvp, current meta for lock classic pvp is sack their pet and die twice.”

However, the debate didn’t stop there, with others putting forward their theories on other classes that could excel in the first meta. One said: “All we can predict is how strong warlocks will be at lvl25 which is pretty strong, but hunters IMO will outshine them.”

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Whatever does materialize when Season of Discovery launches on November 30, the hype around the game is enormous. Whether it will be enough to recapture the imagination of longtime Classic players is unclear, but it’s undoubtedly a brave shake-up on the part of Blizzard.