Asmongold demands “real action” after WoW removes “inappropriate” NPC

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The recent lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard has sent tidal waves across the gaming community, and now an official WoW statement has angered Twitch giants such as Asmongold. 

July 22 was a monumental day in gaming history, as a massive lawsuit was filed against the mega developers due to their display of “pervasive frat boy culture” within the workplace. Since then there have been more accusations from former Activision Blizzard developers.

With one of the developers noting that they’re not currently working on any content regarding WoW, and with a planned walk-out set to occur at the head offices on July 28, the official WoW Twitter account has made a statement surrounding the lawsuit.

But, streamers such as Asmongold have expressed that they’re not too fond of this statement, as the legendary streamer wants “more real action” out of the company.

Activision Blizzard lawsuit sexual harassment california
The report that came out alleges that Activision Blizzard harbored a workplace that “was akin to working in a frat house.”

Asmongold wants real change from WoW

Amid the recent allegations and subsequent lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, perhaps the largest game under the companies repertoire, WoW, has been quiet since the news broke on July 22.

However, they’ve now made a new statement which they are pledging to “take immediate action in Azeroth to remove references that are not appropriate for our world.” The entire statement was posted on Twitter but can be viewed below.

The community’s reaction has not been what WoW was looking for, as high-profile streamers such as Asmongold quickly responding to it. Asmon was vastly more concerned with how they’ve only stated they are seeking to make changes in-game rather than actual changes in real life.

He called for “less performative action and more real action” while also taking a jab at them, saying “It’s great that you’re deleting an NPC, wow, great job, really.”

This was quickly followed up with an on-stream segment where he called out Blizzard for believing that removing the NPC dedicated to the now infamous Alex Afrasiabi. “Yeah, that’s super cool that you guys did that,” he states.

“But here’s the reality. You knew that he was molesting people and touching them inappropriately, because that’s one of the reasons why he left the company.”

He calls the decision a “virtue signal,” going on to state “wow, you’re removing an NPC. Why don’t you remove the people? You had the NPC in the game for at least a year, when you knew he left, you knew he did this bad stuff, and you kept it in the game!”

Concluding that “you only care now because people are talking about it,” his sentiment towards the WoW team’s apology is pretty clear.

While this is one of the accounts that have made statements under the Activision Blizzard umbrella, we’ve yet seen action from the @ATVI_AB account, as their last activity was July 14.

With the nature of this lawsuit, we’re sure there is bound to be more developing news as the days progress. We’ll be sure to stay on the lookout.

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