WoW dev says “no work” being done amid Activision-Blizzard lawsuit

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wow devs stopping development

The new Activision Blizzard lawsuit that has been handed to them has sent ripples around the gaming community, and now, it’s directly impacting the updates coming to World of Warcraft says one developer.

On July 22, Activision Blizzard was struck with a lengthy lawsuit that claimed the developers who are behind some of the world’s most popular titles such as Call of Duty, WoW, and Overwatch were exhibiting “pervasive frat boy culture.”

Now, with ripples being sent around the gaming community, and many expressing their solidarity with the employees, one of the current World of Warcraft developers has noted, they’ve put the brakes on the game’s updates for the time being.

WoW won’t be receiving any updates for the foreseeable future.

WoW dev says “no work” being done

With the aftermath of the lawsuit still up in the air, one of the developers behind WoW, arguably Blizzard’s leading title, has noted they’re not going to be updating the game any further for the time being.

Senior System Designer at Wow, Jeff Hamilton posted a thread of tweets on his stance in regards to the recent lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard, and within one of these tweets he noted that “almost no work is being done on World of Warcraft right now while this obscenity plays out.”

While we don’t know how long this stoppage is going to last, we’ll have to wait and see if other Activision Blizzard developers follow suit after their colleagues decided to halt work.

This ultimately means that WoW isn’t going to receive any updates for the time being, so players will not have any new content to look forward to.

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