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What Valorant sounds can the enemy team actually hear?

Published: 20/Apr/2020 7:40

by Brad Norton


Listening out for the competition in Valorant? Here’s an overview of every ability and interaction that leads to a surprising audio-cue in Riot’s FPS title.

With such a rapid time-to-kill in Valorant, a single footstep that gives away your position could be the difference between a round win or a crushing defeat.

While certain abilities will make enemies aware of your location, others are all but silent. Here’s a rundown on every little mechanic that could give away your position in Valorant.

Riot Games
You might be surprised by which abilities are silent in Valorant.

Brimstone might be quieter than you think.

If you’ve been lucky enough to gain early access to the beta, there’s a good chance you’re only just getting familiar with many of the ability-related audio cues. Agents always yell at the top of their lungs when triggering an Ultimate, however, some abilities are surprisingly quiet.

Brimstone is one of three Controller-type Agents in the game, often sticking to a more defensive playstyle. While his deadly Orbital Strike is loud enough for every character on the map to hear, it turns out that his Sky Smoke utility is the exact opposite, according to this handy breakdown from Reddit user ‘RoyGallant.’

This means that you could be standing right around the corner from an enemy and place your smokes down without them even noticing until they appear on the map. Giving you all the time needed to make a quick escape.

Reddit: u/RoyGallant
A full overview of surprising sounds in Valorant.

Jett’s surprising audio-cues in Valorant

If you’re more inclined to flank and play aggressive in Valorant, Jett has likely been one of your top picks. Though it may come as a surprise to learn that essentially her entire kit can alert the enemy team.

Updraft and Tailwind, her two movement abilities in the game, both make an obvious sound that all nearby enemies will be able to hear.

Additionally, even her floating passive makes enough of a sound to alert the opposition. So if you’ve been plotting a long-flank, be extra cautious when using any of her movement-abilities or you might be shut down in an instant.

Riot Games
Jett players may need to be cautious with this new information in mind.

What equipment could give your position away?

Riot’s FPS differs from other tactical FPS titles in a few key ways with its audio design. For instance, swapping between weapons can be done at will without nearby enemies hearing a thing.

You can also pick up weapons from the ground while walking, all without alerting nearby opposition. This differs greatly from the likes of CS:GO, where even so much as scoping into a weapon can give the enemy team a good amount of intel. Dropping weapons or the Spike will indeed make a sound in-game, however. 

You should be wary of reloading too often in Valorant as well, since the simple mechanic could be enough to reveal your location.

Riot Games
You can pick up a new weapon without making a sound in Valorant.

Movement-based audio cues in Valorant.

Running at full-speed in Valorant is a surefire way to let the enemy team know your whereabouts. Walking or crouching while on flanks or peeking around corners, is absolutely vital in order to stay quiet. You can even remain quiet while scaling the ropes on Split at a walking pace.

It turns out that players can actually remain silent even while jumping, according to the breakdown. It comes with a catch, however, as jumping on flat ground, or jumping to a lower plane, will make a sound.

If you’re jumping up to a higher position though, your character will be completely silent. This could prove useful when setting up to defend a Spike after planting for instance. 

Riot Games
Dropping from a high-ground vantage point will definitely make a sound in Valorant.

The next time that you hop into the Valorant beta, you should have a better understanding of exactly what to listen out for. 

As players grow more and more familiar with Valorant, audio cues will become second nature. The very best will be making use of this full breakdown and climbing to the top of the ladder when ranked play becomes available soon.


Radianite-infused Valorant Agent concept could dominate Episode 2

Published: 26/Nov/2020 5:55

by Brad Norton


New Agents are always the most exciting thing in Valorant, and this remarkably detailed concept would be a perfect fit for the game’s second Episode coming up soon.

Since the release of Riot’s tactical FPS, we’ve seen one new character added into the mix with each new Act. Sticking to their intended schedule of releases, this means we can expect to see another fresh Agent at the beginning of Episode 2.

While we’re still a ways off, there’s no better time to theorize what the next addition could look like. What abilities would help push the game in a new direction? What kind of style should they have to stand out from the rest of the lineup? Well this incredible Agent concept answers those questions and then some.

Previous designs have captured the imaginations of the community and some have actually been quite close to what the developers were working on. The latest idea brings us ‘Mamuro.’ A Radianite-infused Agent with a shocking samurai aesthetic.

Mamuro: Valorant Initiator Agent concept

Valorant gameplay
Riot Games
One of Mamuro’s abilities makes your weapons deadlier than ever.

“Mamuro summons lightning bolts on the battlefield and smashes enemies without hesitation,” the Agent description reads. Not only do we have a visual of the character, but Reddit user ‘VisiblePerson’ has also provided a complete breakdown of the kit as well.

All of the abilities are unlike anything else in Valorant today. Some assist with movement, others stun, while the Ultimate is all about slaying. One factor is common across the board, however, lightning and thunder are Mamuro’s tools for the job.

Two of the abilities bring out Mamuro’s sword. Thunder Cutter is the first, allowing you to slash and dash through any given map. Similar to Genji from Overwatch, dashing deals 75 damage though it surprisingly lets you phase through walls as well. Rather than taking down foes, however, it might be best used to destroy enemy projectiles. You can take anything out “with one swing” and even negate the first shot fired from an opposing player.

Valorant concept
Reddit: u/VisiblePerson
The full concept from VisiblePerson on Reddit.

Rising Thunder is a 7-cost Ultimate that actually harms you before it can change the course of a round. Upon activating the ability, 50% of your health will be wiped out. In this process, you’re transformed into “an electric demon armed with a blade.” This blade lets you move faster than usual, gives you a whopping 250HP, and lets you slash away at foes with 50 damage per strike.

  • Ability 1 (Q) – Overload: EQUIP a discharge of electricity and upgrade different types of weapons. LMB – Upgrade ally. RMB – Upgrade yourself. (Pistols mark enemies, SMG & AR Damage increased by 10%, Rifles reload faster)
  • Ability 2 (E) – Thunder Cutter: EQUIP a blade of thunder and defeat enemies or destroy a projectile flying at you. LMB – Dash with the blade and deal 75 damage. Makes a loud sound and allows you to move through walls. RMB – Destroy an enemy projectile with one swing of the blade or protect yourself from the first shot of an enemy.
  • Signature Ability (C) – Heaven Roar: EQUIP a paper version of the map you’re playing on. Select where you want to send lightning and press RMB. After a 1.5 second cast time, the lightning strikes, dealing 40 damage and blinding enemies. Blind lasts 1.5 seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability (X) – Rising Thunder: EQUIP a blade of thunder and sacrifice 50% of your health to transform into an electric demon. You’ll be armed with a blade that deals 50 damage per hit and allows you to move 1.5x faster than usual. This also gives you 250 health and increases your damage with each kill. This Ultimate ends after 20 seconds without a kill.
Overwatch gameplay
Similar to Genji from Overwatch, Mamuro can dash in Valorant, though with a serious downside that reveals your position.

With such unique movement and devastating effects, there’s no denying Mamuro would shake up the game. Could this Agent be a little overpowered? There’s no real way of telling without seeing it in the mix. Though as with every new character, the community will find new ways to work around the innovative kit.

Episode 2 is still a little while away, so don’t expect to see another new Agent until then. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about the next major update.