Shroud explains why Valorant’s Raze isn’t as overpowered as she seems

Shroud / Riot Games

Mixer streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek explained why he thinks Raze isn’t as overpowered as many Valorant players have made her out to be.

The release of Valorant’s closed beta has attracted the attention of many, as over 1.7 million viewers have been watching streams on Twitch, hoping to get access and to test out the new character-based FPS title.

One character, in particular, Raze, has already received a lot of criticism, however, with fans claiming that having her kit full of damage-based abilities, compared to some of the other utility Agents, was too unfair.

Riot Games
Valorant players have called for nerfs to Raze’s ability kit.

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With many calling for Riot Games to make significant changes to Raze or even to delete the character before the game’s official launch later in the year, Shroud explained why he thought she was not as bad as players made her out to be during his April 9 broadcast.

The popular streamer claimed that people were likely to be overreacting and that it would not take much to balance Raze’s controversial kit, “Raze just needs a couple tweaks I think, she’s not that bad.”

Despite his claims, Shroud did admit that Raze’s lack of utility was quite unusual when in comparison with some of the other Agents, “the fact that her whole skillset is damage is strange, every other character has one damage ability.”

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“She doesn’t need to get deleted, she just needs to get slightly changed, she’s not as bad as it looks right?” he asked, before going through her skills and listing some potential tweaks that Riot should consider.

He called for certain abilities such as Paint Shells to be toned down in damage or area of effect to improve Raze’s balancing issues in Valorant.

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Shroud also revealed earlier in the stream that another reason why Agents like Raze look stronger is that some of the “less-flashy” characters, such as Cypher are being massively underappreciated for their outplay potential.

Despite many fans calling for changes to made to Raze, it still remains to be seen if Valorant devs have any intention on significantly nerfing the popular Agent before the game’s launch later in the year.