Valorant Sentinel agent concept would be a perfect Episode 5 addition

Shay Robson
Twitter: Artbyauroraa

A Valorant fan has created a new concept agent that would be a perfect addition to the popular first-person shooter in Episode 5, and players absolutely love the idea.

Following the launch of the new map Pearl in Episode 5, fans are already starting to look ahead towards the release of the next Valorant agent.

With it expected to release with Act 2 in just a couple months, there’s not long to go until the community will start seeing teasers. However, one fan has already taken it upon themselves to get the community excited.

Using their own creativity, they’ve shared a new agent concept to fill the sentinel role, and the community is in absolute love with the idea.

Fade in Valorant
Riot Games
Fade is the latest agent to be added to Valorant, but more are on their way.

In a Reddit thread on July 2, Valorant fan Babym3l shared their concept of a new female sentinel agent called Saa’idah.

Seemingly from India, the concept agent’s abilities are all based around Asian jewelry and animals such as her Maang Tikka and Markhor. Below are the ability concepts:

  • C- Walk of Fame – CALL for a royal guard, acting as a shield for you and your teammates. The guard has 500hp and can be shot with any gun. The long your guard is up, the weaker he becomes.
  • Q- GLIMPSE – EQUIP the ruby from Saa’idah’s maang tikka. The shiny gemstone will flash anyone catching a glimpse of it, lasting 1.1 seconds.
  • E- Ghosts Pendant – EQUP Saa’idah’s bracelet and unleash the ghosts hidden within her beautiful gemstones. Players stuck within the raidus will be blinded and given false audio queue for 3 seconds.
  • X – Herd of Horns – RELEASE Markhor and three others from his herd, providing a guard to each of your teammates. Any enemy hitting a teammate will be chased and lose 40hp if caught. Guards will stay for 14 seconds.

Others in the thread are absolutely in love with the idea. “I really like the concepts. I wish it was real because I think some of the abilities would be interesting in-game. I’d really want to mess around with it,” said one.

“Love the art and lore behind the abilities. Really cool agent. That wall would be broken as f**k though unless you couldn’t shoot when behind it,” another added.

Despite the concept being loved by the community, it’s unlikely we’ll see Saa’idah added to Valorant anytime soon. However, we should see a new agent being added with the launch of Episode 5 Act 2 in August.