Valorant Agent 21 codename reportedly leaked

Alec Mullins
Valorant's Agent 21 codename leaked
Riot Games

Valorant’s roster is ever-growing and now just two months after Fade’s release the very first details around the next Agent have hit the internet in an unofficial capacity. 

While Fade is still getting settled in properly among the field of competition in Valorant, it’s already time for fans to turn their eyes forward and prepare for a fresh arrival.

According to ValorLeaks, the newest Agent’s developmental name draws inspiration from Riot’s other juggernaut franchise.

Valorant Agent 21 codename revealed

Valorant new Agent codename teaser
Riot Games
There’s a new Valorant Agent on the way and the first details are here.

The working name for Agent 21 is reportedly “Mage,” a term that is written all over League of Legends.

While the two games don’t share a universe, there have been some connections between them, including a wild link between Neon and LoL’s Zeri, characters that were developed in tandem despite being in different universes.

There’s already a fair bit of magic in Valorant, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there’s more of the same on the way.

From the ominous cloud provided by an Omen smoke to the raging fires that power Phoenix’s kit, another set of supernatural abilities will fit in without problem.

It will likely be a while before we know anything solid about the agent other than their codename, but seeing as there hasn’t been a new Controller since Astra was added in update 2.04, many in the community are expecting Mage to bring a big update to that section of the roster.