Valorant players urge Riot Games to make a “true solo queue”

Daniel Appleford
image of Viper from Valorant

Valorant players are begging for Riot Games to implement a solo queue option for competitive to combat against smurfs and boosted players.

Valorant has been dealing with the persistent issue of smurfs since its launch over four years ago. Despite Riot’s efforts to address this, such as raising the minimum level for competitive play to 20 and adjusting rank disparities in lobbies, the problem remains unresolved.

Now, players believe that there is a potential solution that has been proven to be beneficial in Riot’s other title, League of Legends.

League of Legends has successfully implemented different competitive queues for various lobby types, including a solo queue that pairs solo players together. This approach effectively prevents players from teaming up to boost or disrupt the game for others. Valorant could potentially benefit from a similar system.

Unlike League of Legends, Valorant doesn’t have this time of queue filtering just yet. The only way players are filtered in a competitive queue is if they are in a five stack, which will put them against another stack of five players to keep the game even. Outside of this one filter, there is nothing stopping trios or duos from getting into games with people who are playing solo, which many think is the root of the current competitive problems.

“Idk why Valorant doesn’t already have this. There’s nothing more annoying than queueing with a 3-stack or 2 duos on your team. A full solo Q would make people more obliged to comm/work together,” stated a Reddit commenter.

A majority of the community was in favor of transferring the solo queue aspect from League of Legends to Valorant; however, some thoughts linger on what this would mean for the game in the long run.

“Competitively, I agree. But I think Riot’s learned from League that the success of their games is heavily dependent on playing with friends. When they’ve messed with the skill range for letting people queue together before, it comes with some ire from the community because people can’t queue with their friends,” stated another.

While playing together with friends is the draw of most games, there is still an argument for why a solo queue could be a positive experience for those who want to climb without the gamble of who will be on their team.

With Riot already having this practice in place with League of Legends, there is a possibility that something similar could come in the future.