Valorant players furious with “horrible” hit reg & lag since patch 5.03 update

Shay Robson
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Valorant players are furious at the “horrible” hit registration and lag problems that have occurred since the last update, patch 5.03.

It’s fair to say Riot’s Valorant has been a massive success, with the tactical first-person shooter rivaling the likes of Counter-Strike.

However, since its release in 2020, Valorant has had its fair share of irritating bugs and glitches. One of the most prominent issues we’ve seen over the years is with hit registration and lag.

Now, once again players are reporting an influx of problems with hit registration, and it’s making them not want to play anymore.

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In a Reddit thread on August 20, Valorant player ‘Thrillorion’ began noting the recent influx in hit registration issues since the last patch on August 9.

“Lately I’ve recorded a ton of clips where my bullets literally flew through opponents heads and chests without being registered,” the player wrote. “I’ve witnessed this not so much at the beginning of the season, but for the past week, holy, this game betrayed me sometimes and because of this, I even might have lost a few games.”

“I tried to lower my latency and check my Nvidia reflex settings, but it still doesn’t change a thing. In addition, I have to say, that I only have 100 hours of Valorant right now, and I was super enjoying the game until this weird situation occurred,” they added.

Others in the thread also shared their experiences, with the common theme being the problems occurring since patch 5.03.

“I’ve noticed that too, I’ve had a handful of shots go through torso and head without registering. It seemed to have started after the last update,” one said.

“I went through the exact same thing. Started to clip my games and found i was getting no regs more often than I expected. I can’t comment on whether this is a recent thing or just the game in general, but it has really put me off from really getting into the game,” another wrote.

The next patch is set for release in just a few days on August 23, which will also mark the release of Episode 5 Act 2. Hopefully, we’ll see some major improvements then.

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