Freak new Valorant bug is leaving players without guns & abilities mid-game

Brad Norton
Valorant Jett cinematic
Riot Games

Following Valorant’s latest update, an increasing number of players have been hindered by an absurd new glitch that’s making all abilities and weapons completely useless.

Valorant’s 2.03 patch landed just five days ago. Not only did it introduce a fresh game mode and a ton of balance updates, but it also brought a devastating new bug into the mix.

While most issues tend to impact a single ability or even just a specific Agent, this new glitch has a much bigger impact. Seemingly out of nowhere, players are being held back from the game’s core functions.

It could strike at any time and seemingly hit any Agent. Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for ahead of an eventual fix from Riot.

Deep into a competitive match on Ascent, Reddit user ‘EuphoriaJustice’ was caught off guard by the new bug. Down to a 2v1 situation, they were all but taken out of the equation for no good reason.

At first, they were unable to drop their Bucky for a Vandal on the ground. This led to an unfavorable encounter with the last remaining enemy near the A-site. Before the round came to an end, however, things went from bad to worse.

“I can’t shoot,” the player said while peeking an enemy Killjoy. After backing away from the duel, they found that none of their abilities worked either. Instead of throwing out a smoke as Jett, or dashing into the sky, they were unable to do anything with her kit.

It would be easy to assume this is a rare bug impacting Jett only, though that’s not quite the case. “It happened to me too,” another player chimed in. They were “[unable] to jump” while playing as Breach.

Meanwhile, a few others shared in the same experience. Unable to “jump, drop weapons, shoot, shift, or do anything,” regardless of their chosen Agent.

Thankfully, in this case, everything returned to normal in the next round. They were able to shoot once again and utilize their abilities. Though there’s no telling when it could strike again or for how long.

It could outright cost you a win if the bug comes into effect during a crucial round. Players have demanded Riot fix the issue but there’s been no response as of yet. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as and when a new patch is deployed.