Valorant player takes touching grass literally and become a tree due to hilarious bug

Liam Ho
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A Valorant player has taken the term “touching grass” a bit too literally and suddenly turned into a literal tree after a hilarious bug occurred.

Valorant is easily one of the sweatiest and high-stakes games out there at the moment. With each round being filled to the brim with tense moments that could be the difference between winning and losing. The game’s community is equally reflective of its serious tone, with many players partaking in ranked and playing competitively.

As such, the recently coined internet term “touch grass” is a commonly used insult thrown at other players, encouraging them to go outside and experience nature.

It appears, however, that one Valorant player, in particular, has taken this phrase a bit too literally. Thanks to a strange bug, a Valorant player transformed their Killjoy into a giant tree.

Valorant player turns into a tree after bizarre bug occurs

The streamer, known as ‘oh_no_d‘, had just lost their first round on Pearl. Respawning back for round 2, they noticed that their team comp had changed just a bit. Their Killjoy seemed to have gotten a makeover in between rounds, as they were now a giant tree.

What was even stranger about this bizarre bug was that Killjoy could still move around. The tree would still follow along with them, making for a hilarious visual. While funny, this unfortunately made the game completely unplayable for them. As they’d constantly have a tree in their face, and their presence would be pretty obvious to the enemy team by their large size.

This bug was likely caused due to the Gaia’s Vengeance skin line finisher effect, which sprouts a lovely-looking tree when you eliminate the last opponent. For some reason, the tree decided to stick around a little longer.

It’s likely that this bug was just a one-off thing and if anything would be insanely hard to replicate. But at least we were lucky enough to catch it when it did.

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