Valorant pays in-game tribute to deceased pro Luie

Luie ValorantGizem Harmankaya

Valorant developers paid tribute to deceased pro Gizem ‘Luie’ Harmankaya by making a Player Title obtainable in the Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass after her in-game name.

Turkish Valorant pro Luie has been immortalized in the Riot Games title as a Player Title showcasing her in-game name has been added to the Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass. Fans can remember the player in-game by making it past Tier 5 in the Battle Pass as it is included as a free reward past that point.

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Jo-Ellen Aragon revealed the tribute after the new Battle Pass and patch went live on April 25.

“A very special tribute in memory of Gizem “Luie” Harmankaya in the new Battlepass,” she said.

Luie died following the earthquake that hit Turkey on February 6, 2023, after she was trapped under rubble for almost three days. Her death was confirmed on February 8, 2023. Her friends in Turkey that found her said that she was neglected by authorities during the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude quake.

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Luie immortalized in Valorant

Luie competed in the Valorant Game Changers circuit in EMEA on Turkish teams Galakticos Sirens, Unknownpros Female, and Vivace Vista. She had competed at a professional level in Valorant since 2021 with her getting her start on Galakticos.

Many fans and the pro Valorant community paid tribute to the player online after her death was confirmed, like coaches and even the head of EMEA Game Changers, with Riot Games Turkey also offering its condolences.

Player Titles are showcased beneath the player’s in-game name while in a lobby and on the match loading screen. They are usually obtained through Battle Pass progression, Agent contract progression, code redemption, or by playing and winning in professional Valorant tournaments.

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Luie is the first Valorant professional player to have their name added to Valorant in some way.

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