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Valorant Patch 1.02 has broken hit reg while crouching

Published: 25/Jun/2020 5:46 Updated: 25/Jun/2020 5:48

by Brad Norton


Crouching in Valorant could lead to an unfortunate death as players have uncovered major hit registration issues in the latest patch.

In an FPS where precision is absolutely vital, players often make the most of every little advantage that they can get. Crouching in the likes of Counter-Strike, is a solid way to help reduce your recoil. That tactic applies just the same in Valorant as well.

While it might not be as significant in Riot’s newly released title, many still opt to crouch when engaging in gunfights from any range. You may want to rethink that idea moving forward, however, as Patch 1.02 appears to have completely broken hit reg while crouching.

If you think you’ve been cheated of a few blatant headshots lately, you might actually be in the right. A ridiculous, meme-filled compilation from Reddit user ‘elektrokills’ highlights how countless headshots appear to have no impact while crouching.

Headshots not registering when a player crouches from VALORANT

“This happens to me several times in every single match,” one avid player responded. “Happened to me too,” another expressed alongside a clip of their own failed-headshot example.

“I crouch for that extra sweet accuracy and see the blood effect all the time only to have it not count,” Reddit user ‘lilacshower’ responded. “Thought it was a latency issue but going off this video there is no way packet delays should be that long.”

There has been no official comment from Riot since Patch 1.02 launched on June 23. While the new update introduced a wide array of map changes, along with a few notable Agent tweaks, hit registration was not touched on at all.

Perhaps with enough of an outcry, things will change for the better in the immediate future. Valorant’s ranked mode just launched on June 24. Therefore, the sooner that crouching headshots function properly, the better the experience will be for all comers.


C9 Relyks discovers “much bigger issue” than Valorant’s running sprays

Published: 26/Nov/2020 2:19 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 2:28

by Alan Bernal


Cloud9’s Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver found a much bigger problem in Valorant than the running sprays teammate Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo tested with the Phantom, once again putting Riot’s shooting-while-moving mechanics under scrutiny.

The Counter-Strike-turned-Valorant pro was looking to explore the running accuracy in the game, but in his testing, found that the 0.50 patch to deadzone change back in May has a much more consequential effect on aim.

Riot describes the deadzone as a “full accuracy state” when moving at or below 30% movement since the May patch before Valorant’s official launch.

Coupling that with counter-strafing, Relyks found that his aim was relatively on target throughout an entire Vandal clip while constantly staying in motion in what he calls a “much bigger issue” than the Phantom’s running sprays.

aim valorant vandal
Riot Games
Counter-strafing in the opposite direction yields better shots in Valorant than coming to a complete stop, according to Relyks.

“One thing (the deadzone change) allows you to do is to strafe back-and-forth while spraying and, as long as you’re strafing in a confined area while keeping yourself at 30% or less of the max movement speed, you can retain relative accuracy,” he said.

He showed how weapons can be “extremely accurate” while staying in motion as long as the player maintains a consistent counter-strafe to stay in the deadzone.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst part of Valorant’s mechanics, according to Relyks. He also found that shooting “after you begin moving to the opposite direction (is better) than firing when you come to a complete stop.”

This would give people the opportunity to get off a much better shot while counter-strafing back into cover instead of coming to a halt to line up the perfect shot.

(Mobile viewers: Timestamp at 5:13)

He’s found success with this method on the Vandal, though indicated the Phantom can be much more effective due to its tighter bullet spread.

If this is an intended mechanic in Valorant, it could be that Riot is trying to make the game much more accessible to newer FPS players, though it would lower the game’s overall skill ceiling, according to Relyks.

Since Riot hasn’t touched the deadzone accuracy in months, this could be something the devs looks to rework if it starts getting out of hand in Valorant.