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Valorant Mobile leak seemingly reveals full gameplay and controls

Published: 25/Apr/2022 22:27

by Declan Mclaughlin


Valorant Mobile footage has seemingly leaked from China as mobile gaming YouTuber DannyINTEL shows nine-minute video of gameplay from the potential new Riot Games port.

Footage from what seems like the mobile port for Valorant leaked Sunday, April 24. The video showcases two rounds of gameplay and has the user interface one would expect from a mobile FPS game including a screen joycon and buttons for agent abilities.

Testing for the game started in China earlier this month according to DannyINTEL, and the footage from the leak seems to support that claim, with advertisements for Billibilli, a video sharing platform in China, appearing over the video.


The footage also shows that players will have all of the same movement and options that they would on a computer, with button selections for shooting, agent abilities, crouching, running, jumping and purchasing weapons.

Valorant Mobile footage leak

The mobile version of the Riot Games’ tactical shooter was announced on June 2, 2022, the one-year anniversary of Valorant, but little has been released officially about the title from Riot itself.

“With enthusiasm for VALORANT only continuing to grow, Riot now is preparing to expand the franchise – starting with VALORANT Mobile – in order to bring VALORANT to more players around the world,” Anna Donlan, Executive Producer for Valorant, said at the time.


Since then, various leaks from different sources have given fans a small inkling into what the new mobile title will look like when it gets into their hands.

The footage from the most recent link follows the same UI feel and scheme down to the color thematic.

There is currently no release data for Valorant Mobile and Riot have not confirmed or denied the legitimacy of this recent leak for their title.