Valorant fan remixes Omen’s voicelines into a Corpse Husband song and it’s a banger

. 10 months ago
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Omen is one of Valorant’s most dark and gloomy Agents, but it turns out he’s also got the ability to belt out some vocals reminiscent of Corpse Husband.

Valorant fans have often taken time to make hilarious content out of the Agents in the game, whether it be with their abilities or their voice lines.

But, one Agent that doesn’t lend itself to much comedy is the ghastly Controller, Omen.

One fan, however, saw Omen’s dark and dreary nature and saw the potential hidden within. The results are, well, interesting to say the least.

omen valorant
Riot Games
Omen is one of Valorant’s original agents, and maybe its first vocal superstar.

Fan-made “Omen Anthem ft. shorty”

One Reddit user, yun_den, recently posted a video to the Valorant subreddit and it’s already gleaming with awards. And deservedly so.

A creative rendition featuring one of Valorant’s favorite and most iconic Agents alongside arguably the least liked gun in the game, the Shorty.

Omen’s ominous and dark vocals, mixed with the beat that the creator lays over the track almost make this feel like something we’d see Corpse Husband, a popular content creator, create.

This isn’t the first anthem we’ve seen, either. The same user has posted these for Sova and Sage as well, so its anyone’s guess what will come next.

One thing is for certain, these songs have some funky tunes and are hilariously well-made. Who knows, they may even compete to replace this author’s daily workflow lo-fi mix.

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