Sykkuno is demanding Twitter remove his verified tick, and Corpse Husband has his back

Sykkuno is demanding Twitter remove his tick, and Corpse Husband has his backTwitch: Sykkuno / YouTube: Anthony Padilla

In February 2021, Sykkuno’s fans rallied for him to get verified on Twitter. But now that he has been, he doesn’t want it and many of them, including Corpse Husband, have his back is his latest demands.

Sykkuno’s fan’s campaigned hard for him to get Twitter verified after the social networking giants seemingly snubbed him. It even got to the point where #VerifySykkuno started trending on the platform.

However, he played it down at the time and insisted that he doesn’t care about being verified. “I don’t need it. Guys, I barely use Twitter. I barely use it,” he said. “I tweet like once a month and occasionally reply.”

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Still, that didn’t stop it from happening. And now that it has, he told Twitter to “unverify [him] or else.” And some of his closest friends, including CorpseHusband and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, rallied behind him.

Corpse Husband led the charge by writing a scratching message. “You heard the man,” he said. “He blocked you, and you still didn’t unverify him. Why are you so obsessed? Get a job. We ride with Sykkuno. He never asked for this.”

Poki also chimed in and made it clear that she has his back.  “Who do I need to pay to unverify Sykkuno?” she wrote.

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It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, which has gotten people confused about whether or not they’re serious about it. However, #UnverifySykkuno is gaining traction, with thousands urging them to take his tick away.

Given that Sykkuno made it clear he didn’t care about being verified, some fans assume he is serious, especially since it wasn’t something he asked for. However, many others don’t know what to make of it; they aren’t 100% sure if he and his friends are mucking around or not.

Either way, it’s blowing up on social media right now, and people are offering him genuine advice like changing his Twitter handle.

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