Valorant fan brings Raze’s Boom Bot to life and it’s incredible

A Valorant fan has recreated Raze’s Boom Bot in real life using a 3D printer, and it’s absolutely incredible how genuine it looks.

The gaming community has continually proven time and time again that they’re some of the most creative and talented individuals.

From jaw-dropping cosplays, that make you question if they’re actually real, to fan-made crossovers between games and movie franchises you didn’t know you needed to see, gamers across the globe have continued to raise the bar.

Now, one Valorant lover has recreated Raze’s Boom Bot in real life, and the community is shocked by how real it looks.

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xLP620 / Riot Games
Raze is Valorant’s explosives expert.

In a June 11 Reddit thread, Danny Lum’s stunning Boom Bot recreation was shared with the community.

The mechanical design engineer, who has amassed over 329k followers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, began designing the real-life Boom Bot back in March.

Besides a few color changes, and cleverly named ‘Boomie’, Danny’s recreation is almost identical to the in-game version of the Boom Bot, and he’s even gone as far as to add even the smallest details that make it even more remarkable.

From an LED screen on the front of the bot that makes a face to mechanisms on the wheels that make the entire thing rock back and forth all add up to make it the perfect recreation.

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It’s fair to say other Valorant fans were in love with Danny’s creation, however, some had a few suggestions. “And then he’ll install 25lbs of tannerite in it,” said user jakerob5.

“You should make it follow you,” one fan suggested. “When is it exploding,” another asked.

Regardless if it explodes, or if it’s simply just for show, there’s no arguing that Danny Lum’s Boom Bot is just spectacular.