Valorant player makes GTA crossover you never knew you needed

. 4 months ago
Reddit: RlyLoldx

A fan has recreated the classic Grand Theft Auto IV intro with a Valorant theme – and players absolutely love it.

The gaming community has proved time and time again that they’re some of the most creative and talented individuals.

Incredible cosplays to real-life weapon replicas that look so realistic yet identical to their in-game counterparts are just a couple of examples of the gaming community’s artistry.

Likewise, a Valorant fan has created a crossover with the classic Grand Theft Auto intro, and you never knew you needed to watch it.

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In a March 20 Reddit post, fan RlyLoldx shared their recreation of the GTA IV intro, but with Valorant spin.

The two-minute-long video showcased agents such as Sova, Sage, Jett, and many more in the distinctive Grand Theft Auto art style with the nostalgic theme music.

At the time of writing, the post by RlyLoldx has rapidly climbed to the top of the Valorant subreddit, with no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

Fans are, of course, completely in love with recreation, as it brought back some good old nostalgic memories for many who are a fan of both games.

“Ayooo. This is so damn good,” said one. Another added: “This is so cool.”

One fan noted that the recreation would’ve been better if Brimstone was included wearing a bikini and holding a lollipop – in reference to the original artwork of Lola Del Rio from the GTA series.

Nonetheless, the crossover between the two largely popular games is something we didn’t expect to see but we’re glad we did.

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