Alien Valorant Agent concept looks to ‘bless’ allies with powerful buffs

. 29 days ago
Valorant Alien concept art
Reddit: u/TheSuddenHero_

Intending to throw the opposing team off its game, a new conceptual Valorant Agent by the name of ‘Kurvix’ aims to empower his allies with a range of buffs while completely offsetting enemy plans with some devious abilities.

Over the past few years since Valorant’s release, players have grown accustomed to an ever-expanding pool of characters. With Fade the latest addition, growing the roster to 19 Agents in total, many are already looking ahead to the next arrival.

While no details have officially been unveiled just yet, as Riot focuses the spotlight on a new map for the next major update instead, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and even crafting their own intricate Agent concepts.

We’ve seen everything from cloning Agents to powerful figures that use Radianite to their advantage, but the latest idea making waves on social media presents a character that aims to disrupt the meta in all-new ways.

Kurvix: Valorant Sentinel Agent concept

Kurvix, an alien figure with a design unlike anything in Valorant today, was just revealed by Reddit user ‘TheSuddenHero_.’ This character looks to “deliver unique effects for allies” in a number of ways.

One such method is by linking himself to one specific teammate at the start of a round. In doing so, the tether to Kurvix allows for bonus healing, should that ally go into battle, take some damage, and survive.

In another completely unique addition, Kurvix even has the power to all but stop an engagement. With the press of a button, this Sentinel can ‘calm’ both enemies and allies alike, preventing all weapons from firing for a brief moment.

Not only can he stop gunfire, but even a number of crowd control abilities like flashes and stuns can be prevented through his ‘inner peace’ ultimate too.

These abilities could stop an enemy push in its tracks and flip momentum in your favor with ease. Here’s a full rundown on the Agent’s proposed kit.

Kurvix: Valorant Sentinel Agent abilities

Valorant Agent abilities
Reddit: u/TheSuddenHero_
A full look at the unique abilities Kurvix would load into each round with.
  • Ability 1 (Q) – Calm Down: Kurvix puts his hands together and releases a small wave that stops all agents from firing their weapons for X seconds. Kurvix is also unable to fight. This ability radius is visible seconds before activating.
  • Ability 2 (E) – You Don’t Need That: Kurvix places a device that drains ammo from nearby enemies over time. This device can be destroyed.
  • Signature Ability (C) – Forgive Yourself: Kurvix marks an ally for the rest of the round. If the marked ally takes damage but survives, they will regenerate health all missing health over time while marked.
  • Ultimate Ability (X) – Inner Peace Aura: Kurvix channels his energy, opening a ‘blessed’ range that prevents all upcoming crowd control effects for agents within range. Disturbing Kurvix while in his ultimate will cancel its effect.

While it’s just a concept for now, there’s no denying the attention to detail.

From the character model itself to the innovative abilities, plenty of work has been done to create an authentic Agent that would fit right into Valorant today.

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