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Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 – Battlepass, Glitchpop skins, more

Published: 3/Aug/2020 16:00

by Andy Williams


Riot Games have revealed details for Valorant’s Episode 1: Act 2, set to go live on August 4. Here’s everything you need to know, from the Battlepass cost to the brand new Glitchpop skin collection.

Valorant’s Episode 1: Act 1 Battlepass was a huge hit. Filled to the brim with a plethora of cosmetic goodies, Riot issued players with a system that rewarded players for their grind. Now, the developers have upped their game once again with the Act 2 Battlepass, set to release on August 4.


Valorant Act 2 Battlepass

Costing 1,000 Valorant Points (VP) for the Premium version, players will be able to grind through the same chapter-based system to earn more themed goodies. From weapon skins to player cards, the Act 2 Battlepass is packed with enough content to deck out your loadout.

The Battlepass will also contain a shed load of Radianite Points. So if you’re eager to unlock an extra tier on an existing weapon skin, then there’ll be plenty of points up for grabs in Act 2.

Valorant Act 2 weapon skins.
Riot Games / Dexerto
Three collections will be featured in the Act 2 Battlepass: Hivemind, POLYfox, and Red Alert.

Valorant Act 2: Weapon skins & melee

Just like in Act 1, there will be a running theme with the cosmetic rewards offered in the Battlepass. Three weapon skin collections will run through Act 2: Hivemind, POLYfox, and Red Alert.

As part of their press release, Riot’s Valorant Art Lead, Sean Marino, spoke about the inspiration behind Act 2’s weapon skins. “We wanted to add more variety to the gun skins so that a player who never buys skins in the store (and only wants to buy the Battlepass) still feels like they’re getting some variety.”

“In general, we had a lot more fun developing this Battlepass because it feels more real — as if we’re developing the pass with the community — and it helps that we’re slowly getting better at designing the content, too.”

Hivemind melee in Valorant.
Riot Games
Players will be able to grind for the Hivemind Knife, which will presumably be available at Level 50 of the Battlepass.

Glitchpop skin collection

The Glitchpop skin collection will be available as a separate entity to the Battlepass. Inspired by a dystopian future, this skin line will offer a variety of upgrades to change the colorful scheme offered at base.

The bundle will be offered at 8,700 VP — with four weapon skins on offer (Bulldog, Frenzy, Judge, and Odin) as well as a melee skin. Each skin will cost 2,175 VP sold separately, while the Knife will be offered at 4,350 VP on its own.

Each weapon skin will have seven tiers of customization, including three VFX upgrades, one finisher upgrade, and three cosmetic variants. Players will also be able to upgrade the melee with an optional VFX where the blade color changes each time you equip the Knife.


In addition to the brand new Battlepass and Glitchpop skin collection, Riot have announced the highly requested FFA Deathmatch game mode, which will be going live in beta on August 5.

To top things off, Riot will be also introducing a brand new Competitive ranking system, which will better reflect your progression through the ranks at the end of every Act.


Riot fix Sova and Phoenix ultimate bugs after Valorant Patch 1.09

Published: 1/Oct/2020 8:24 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 8:33

by Andrew Amos


Missed Phoenix calling out the signature “jokes over, you’re dead” after Valorant Patch 1.09? How about Sova yelling “nowhere to run” at the top of his lungs? You weren’t alone, with both Agents having voice line bugs after the update. Thankfully, they’re now fixed.

Being able to hear ultimate voice lines in Valorant is more important than you think. They are a crucial indicator of understanding what is happening across the map. If you didn’t know Raze pulled out a Showstopper, you could just be destroyed.


However, after Valorant Patch 1.09, certain Agents had their ultimate voice lines disabled ⁠— namely Sova and Phoenix. The bug made the duo even more infuriating to play against.

Phoenix using Run It Back in Valorant
Riot Games
Every Agent has a global voiceline for their ultimates, but some like Phoenix were pretty quiet after Valorant Patch 1.09. Ironic for Phoenix, at least.

Without hearing either ultimate go off, you don’t know if you’re safe. The Phoenix you just killed could have been mid-ultimate. You won’t know to keep your eyes up for a Sova ultimate too until you see the big Hunter’s Fury charge coming right at you.


This, obviously, led to player outrage. It made the two Agents even more sneaky than they should have been. With audio cues being so crucial, losing them was a massive disadvantage.

However, Riot has finally fixed the problem, just 24 hours after the release of the update. They have isolated the issue, and hopefully quashed the bug for good.

They have also fixed issues with the game crashing after the update. Players noted that if they alt-tabbed at the wrong time, or were holding down tab while the new round loaded in, they would be kicked from the game.


It would be a hassle to try and rejoin, and by the time they did, players would have often conceded a lot of rounds or even defeat. Riot are hoping that issue is no longer a problem however.

The patch has been shipped out to all regions at the time of publishing, but it remains to be seen if the fix is working perfectly as intended. It’s also unclear if there are sound cue issues with other Agents.

Be sure to keep both an ear and an eye out for Phoenix and Sova, because if you don’t hear their ultimates going off, you’ll need to look just that bit harder.