Valorant devs respond to game-breaking Omen glitch that supercharges his Ultimate

Valorant Omen artworkRiot Games

While Omen’s Ultimate ability is often used to scout unseen areas or to leave your enemies confused, a new game-breaking Valorant glitch makes it more deadly than ever before.

As a Controller in Riot’s tactical FPS, Omen is all about gaining intel while obscuring enemy vision. Through his smokes and blinding abilities, the best players are able to shut down enemy attacks while setting up perfect plays for their own team.

Omen is never really considered a top-fragging Agent compared to any given Duelist. Though a brand new bug with his Ultimate makes him a better killing machine than perhaps any one of them.

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Rather than simply teleporting to a new location and calling out enemy positions, a devastating glitch allows him to shoot while in Ult-form. It’s a real “bad one,” even from Riot’s perspective.

While experimenting in a custom game, Reddit user ‘kazefujin’ came across a critical issue on December 31. “If you cast both the smoke and the Ultimate at the same time, you can shoot and cast skills while invulnerable.”

The example provided shows Omen teleporting to the high ground over A-site on Ascent. Despite being in his ‘Shade’ form, the bug allows him to draw his weapons and start firing immediately.

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Unsuspecting enemies will be waiting for the player to either teleport or retreat back to their original spot. No one could ever prepare for a Shade that can actually kill you in the blink of an eye.

“That’s a bad one,” Valorant game designer ‘Rycoux’ responded.  We’ll try to find out what’s going on and get to this next week.”

Given that Riot Games employees are on break at the moment, this Omen glitch has shot to the top of their priorities upon returning to work in 2021.

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This means Omens will be able to utilize this bug to their advantage; be on the lookout for aggressive teleports, and never trust a Shade until a fix is deployed.

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