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Valorant devs promise response to netcode issues and desync complaints

Published: 27/Mar/2022 18:09

by Shay Robson


Valorant developers Riot Games have indicated they’ll be responding to players’ complaints about desync and net code consistency soon.

Before Valorant’s beta launch in April 2020, the Riot Games developers revealed their hefty ambitions to provide the best experience possible for players. To do this, they would need to tackle an issue that not many games get quite right – that being latency.

To achieve this, Riot built their very own net code from the ground up to combat poor bullet registration, and minimize peeker’s advantage.

However, close to two years after the game’s launch, complaints have persisted. Nonetheless, the Valorant devs are set to respond to the issues.


Ascent in Valorant
Riot Games
Code issues have persisted in Valorant since launch.

In a March 26 Reddit thread, Valorant fan Haythtv shared a screenshot of a conversation with Riot Games Staff Software Engineer Matt ‘Shaedyn’ deWet – asking if the devs had seen a popular thread discussing the net code issues.

Shaedyn said they had, and added the dev team would be looking to put together an update soon.

“We’ve been following along with the conversation,” deWet said. “The team’s going to try to put together an update next week, not sure exactly when yet.”

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The news was a relief for many players. “If the net code goes to how crispy it was before, I’m gonna be playing it nonstop again,” wrote one.


“Hopefully this is not just another “clarity” sh*t,” another added. “It’s not about ping and packet loss, their net code is broken, animation interpolation is broken, and the way the server desyncs.”

Others aren’t hopeful that the players will get an acceptable response to the continuous issues: “It’s not going to be a satisfactory answer. They’ll try and explain and kids will still keep complaining,” said Eleven918.

After long last, it looks like there will be clarity on the net code problems. Hopefully, any issues are ironed in a near-future patch.