Valorant players want ‘simple’ way to filter problematic teammates in Ranked

Riot Games

Valorant players want Riot Games to implement a simple way to “weed” out troublesome teammates that can crop up in matchmaking and even in Ranked.

Rocking an average player base of 900,000 active users per day since its release in July of 2020, Valorant has yet to have any shortage of people participating in the tactical FPS fun. With tons of Agents to choose from and multiple new maps in the works, the game can attract all kinds of players.

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But that’s not necessarily a good thing, according to some frustrated fans. Community members shared how their Valorant gameplay had been derailed from underaged players and think it’s time to filter out the ones who can be problematic.

Valorant PlayersRiot Games
Valorant players want Riot to filter out toxic people in matchmaking in a future patch.

Valorant players call for Riot to weed out underaged players

First brought up by Reddit user guest169420 on the Valorant subreddit, they mentioned that Valorant should “enforce the game’s age requirement” and suggested adding a simple math test to do so.

“I think before entering/starting up the game, there should be verification,” they said. “Asking the player something simple like ‘what is 3×5’ [because] kids can really ruin matches.”

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They later explained that this was due to their recent experiences with underaged players, adding that they “lost a game because a child went 3-22 with another one screaming and blaming teammates the whole game.”

However, other Valorant fans weren’t convinced this would solve the issue. Though there are children who log onto the game, it’s not always them that cause the real harm.

Valorant toxicityRiot Games
Valorant players want safeguards in Ranked and matchmaking from the game’s most toxic players, no matter their age.

“I think it’s not the kids that he problem,” said one person on the Reddit thread. “It’s the people who behave like kids because trust me, there are competitive kids out there and also childish adults there.”

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Meanwhile, another said: “I’ve lost games because of full-grown adults going 5-20 while being racist, sexist bigots blaming, insulting their teammates for no good reason.”

Riot have been cracking down on toxicity in Valorant since its inception and only time will tell if they’ll be able to completely stamp out matchmaking’s biggest problems.

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