Valorant player spawns as “lore accurate Omen” in confusing bug

Jeremy Gan
Omen in Riot cinematic trailer

A Valorant player spawned in as “lore accurate Omen” due to a confusing bug that made them play with Omen’s smoke vision permanently in effect. 

Valorant is a very complicated game when it comes to its mechanics, as you have characters that can freely move around with their abilities, teleport to opposite sides of the map, and some that even allow you to see a mirrored counterpart of a map through their abilities, like Omen

Because of this complexity, sometimes weird and confusing bugs can happen when it comes down to the game’s interaction with its physics. This is what happened to a player when they spawned into Omen’s phased world. 

A player on the Valorant subreddit posted a short clip of them in a Spike Rush game which saw them spawn while seeing the world in Omen’s phased world vision. 

When Omen wants to place a smoke, they enter into a phased world that allows them to fly around a mirrored version, yet shrouded and simplified, version of the map and place a smoke anywhere. 

However, in this player’s case, they spawned with the world in that form, only being able to see a very simplified version of the map while their HUD was still functioning correctly and their weapons still usable.

We can even see them use a Paranoia and still not get out of the form. It’s only after attempting to place a smoke that they were suddenly brought back into the actual version of Breeze. 

“Lore accurate Omen,” a player commented on the unusual bug. Another jokingly added, “You’ve played Omen long enough to finally channel your powers and truly enter the smoke dimension. A realm where you can wander endlessly into danger and truly not see jack s***.”

However, this is not the first time this bug has spread around. Back in 2022, there was an exploit that for a round, permanently put your screen in this form. However it utilized his animation cancel with his smoke while ulting, at least, that was the case before that instance of the bug was patched out.