Valorant dev asks players how to handle users who queue with cheaters

Michael Gwilliam
Phoenix ADS in valorant

Riot Games is polling Valorant players on how they should deal with individuals who have been caught queuing with cheaters for the majority of their competitive wins.

Valorant has seen an influx of cheaters lately, prompting the developers to open up a bit about how they’re working to deal with the infestation.

One issue the devs are having, however, is how to deal with those who have not been cheating themselves but queuing with cheaters.

Anti-cheat developer Phillip ‘mirageopenguins’ Koskinas took to Twitter to poll the player base, asking how they would punish those queuing with cheaters.

How would players punish players queuing with cheaters?

“So, we’re thinking on how to best impound the elo bus, and out of sheer curiosity, if someone is caught repeatedly queuing with cheaters for the majority of their Valorant competitive wins (but not cheating themselves), which punishment do you think the most appropriate?” Koskinas asked.

The four options listed were: a ban from competitive, a seasonal ban, account deletion, and hardware restriction.

With nearly 2,000 votes cast at the time of this report, it was a toss up on what course of action the devs should take. Just over one-third (33.7%) of those who voted were in favor of a seasonal ban while an overall ban from competitive was a close second at 30.9%.

Valorant has seen a surge of cheaters lately.

Hardware restrictions are a distant third at 22.5% while just 12.9% of players felt that deleting the account was the right move.

In the replies, Koskinas was asked about instances where players unknowingly queue with cheaters and if they would be punished.

“In this example, you still wouldn’t be deserving of the rank you achieved, and I’d operate under the assumption that any player actioned for these circumstances would feign ignorance,” he explained.

“‘I genuinely thought they were precognitive’ – everyone, probably,” he added.

One consistent variable in all this is that the developers are very much against undeserved ranks due to cheaters.

As Dexerto previously reported, Riot dev RayKay commented on the recent surge in cheaters writing, “While we can never stop all cheating we want to make sure that it does not effect your ranked progress.”

The devs are also asking for more reports and feedback to better improve the experience. What happens with those who knowingly queue with cheaters, however, remains an undecided yet hotly debated for the time being.

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