Valorant analyst sets up donation campaign to honor Twisten

Declan Mclaughlin
Valorant pro Twisten

VCT EMEA Valorant analyst Ryan ‘RyanCentral’ Horton has set up a charity donation drive to honor deceased Valorant pro Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener.

Before his death on June 7, Team Vitality Valorant pro Twisten set up a charity drive for the VCT LOCK//IN tournament that gave €25 to an animal welfare charity for every kill with the Shorty shotgun sidearm at the event. VCT EMEA broadcast analyst RyanCentral has set up a similar donation campaign in honor of Twisten for the ongoing VCT Masters Tokyo tournament.

The drive, which is run on Pledge It, was set up after multiple Valorant community members expressed interest in doing a similar donation campaign as Twisten in the wake of his passing.

Community members will be able to pledge either a flat amount to the drive or put in a set amount for every Shorty kill at Masters Tokyo. The donated money has been pledged to Rise Above the Disorder, which is an organization working in mental health care accessibility.

Donation drive set up in honor of Twisten is now live

In a short video and writeup on the donation page, RyanCentral explained that Twisten ended up donating €1,450 based on 58 Shorty kills from VCT LOCK//IN. People who donate should be able to use that metric to estimate how much they stand to pledge if they do so per sidearm kill at Masters Tokyo.

The estimated goal for donations is set at $5,000 and the drive will remain open a few weeks post-event for people to add more donations, or alter what they have pledged.

Twisten’s passing was mentioned at the start of VCT Masters Tokyo by the Riot Games broadcast, with hosts Yinsu ‘Yinsu’ Collins and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez paying tribute to the player in an opening segment.

The tournament is set to start its playoff stage on July 15 and will feature 14 more matches for participants to rack up Shorty kills.

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