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Valorant weapon breakdown reveals alternate fire on shotguns and rifles

Published: 12/Mar/2020 1:58

by Brad Norton


The eagle-eyed Valorant community has uncovered new information in the game’s very first footage that reveals powerful alternate fire functions for a number of weapons.

Riot’s first steps into the FPS genre have set the gaming industry ablaze as the community anxiously waits for any scrap of info on the highly anticipated title.

While only a single Agent teaser has been provided since the March 1 gameplay reveal, a closer look at the original footage uncovered a slew of new information on various weapon types.

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Combing through the initial round of gameplay frame by frame, Reddit user ‘Qtank009’ revealed a few fascinating tidbits from the game’s marketplace that allows players to purchase weapons, shields, and abilities with each passing round.


Pausing on select frames provides a new look at certain weapons and their overall statistics. For instance, the Ghost sidearm is a semi-automatic pistol that astute observers would have seen in the first-look at the in-game store.

However, upon freezing at the right time, we now know that this particular weapon will be capable of dealing 30 damage to the body, 105 damage to the head, and up to 26 damage to the legs from a close range. This specific sidearm also boasts a ‘medium’ level of wall penetration.

Perhaps the most intriguing information from the breakdown however, comes when analyzing the rifle and shotgun weapon types as various guns appear to feature an alternate mode of fire. 


Reddit: Qtank009
A fresh look at one of Valorants sidearms.

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When stopping on the exact frames for the shotgun and rifle weapon classes, it reveals a similar text-heavy breakdown on the guns and uncovers more than just damage-based statistics.

For the Bucky shotgun that costs 900 of the in-game currency, players will be able to blast away foes from a close range thanks to the standard firing option.

The weapon also features an alternate fire function referred to as a “semi-automatic air bust” which grants an ‘extended primary fire shot.’

Reddit: Qtank009
Bucky is the cheaper of two shotguns in Valorant.

Moreover, the Vandal rifle is a fully automatic mid to long-range weapon that appears to be the most expensive in its class. Players will be able to gun down their foes with a lightning-quick fire rate of 9.25 rounds per second with the primary fire.


The alternate mode of fire for this particular rifle, allows players to zoom in, slightly reduce the spread of their bullets, at the cost of a slower ROF at 8.32 rounds/s.

Riot Games
Vandal appears to be the most expensive of four Rifle weapons in Valorant.

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It’s worth noting that due to the early nature of the footage, these values and secondary functions may not stick through to the final release in their current form.

With 17 weapons appearing in the game’s store, there could be plenty of alternate firing functions for players to discover as Riot continues to reveal new footage.