Who is Phoenix? Valorant agent's abilities, gameplay, lore revealed

by Isaac McIntyre
Riot Games


Riot Games has revealed in-depth details about one of the first agents in its upcoming FPS release Valorant. From the fiery character’s signature ability and ultimate, to his in-game lore and gameplay, here’s everything we know about Phoenix.

After a few sneak-peeks at the Phoenix and the rest of the Valorant roster earlier this week, Riot has officially begun lifting the lid of the first eight agents that players will be able to get their hands on when the title is released.

In a teaser video released on March 5, Riot showed Phoenix ‘clutching’ a one-vs-five round with his abilities, as well as his towering ultimate.

Riot Games
Phoenix (left) and Jett (right) are two of the eight agents set to make up Valorant's starting roster.


Phoenix’s gameplay revealed

As revealed in Riot’s teaser video on March 5, Phoenix is going to be armed to the teeth with fire-based abilities. Some even seem to let him control the battlefield and lock enemies out of the action for a short time.

In the clip, the fiery agent appears to open the round with his signature ability, Curveball (see below for more details). As he walks forward, he curves the floating orb around the corner, into a room with an enemy.


He downs his stunned opponent in a flash, giving him his ultimate power ⁠— “Run it Back” ⁠— though he doesn’t activate it.

Instead, he uses one of his purchasable abilities, Blaze, on a wide space on the map. A wall of fire rises up, giving him time to stun and then kill two more enemies. The use depletes its single bar, so it must be a one-use move.


Phoenix’s abilities in Valorant

While only two of Phoenix’s supernatural moves were shown off in Riot’s March 5 teaser, we already know each of the four powers the agent will wield.

As well as Blaze and his signature ability Curveball, both of which were on full display in the 32-second clip, the British character also boasts “Hot Hands,” which deals damage to his enemies, and heals allies.

Additionally, Phoenix’s ultimate, which he acquires in the gameplay footage but never activates, seems to work similarly to Apex Legends’ newest character Revenant. When you die, or the ability runs out, you teleport back to the original cast point.

This is a little different from the villainous simulacrum that arrived in Respawn’s battle royale in Season 4. His ult gives him and his teammates death protection too, but in Apex they return with just a single point of health.


Here are all of Phoenix’s abilities and their full descriptions:

  • Hot Hands: Throw a fireball that explodes after a delay or upon impact with the ground. The fire zone damages enemies, and heals you.
  • Blaze: Cast out a flame wall that blocks vision and damages anyone passing through it. You can bend the wall when casting by turning while holding left-click.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Curveball: Cast a curving flare that bursts into brilliant light after a brief delay, temporarily blinding all looking at it. Left-click curves it left, right-click curves it right.
  • Ultimate Ability ⁠— Run it Back: Mark your current location. If you die during this ability’s duration, or when this ability’s duration expires, you’ll be reborn at the marked location with full health.

Riot Games
Phoenix's abilities — and apparently his personality are very fiery.

Phoenix’s lore & personality

The new agent speaks a few times during the teaser video as he deals with his foes, giving us a better insight into what we can expect from Phoenix as we get to know him across the lifespan of Valorant.

Phoenix, who Riot confirmed comes from the United Kingdom, if his accent wasn’t obvious enough, seems to be a cocky character. As well as his debut quote in the tweet ⁠— “you know the name” ⁠— his bravado comes across in-game.

“Oh, you want to play? Let’s play,” the British agent says as he activates his first move in the teaser, and once he’s finished dismantling the enemy team with his flashy abilities he adds a simple taunt too: “One shot!”

One final clue for Phoenix’s cocky nature was already given to us when the eight agents were first revealed. The agent’s reveal description tells us he will be “rushing into fights on his own terms… whether he’s got back up or not.”

Riot Games
Eager fans finally got their first look at Phoenix's gameplay after Valorant's official account released a teaser on Twitter.

So when can you play Phoenix?

For now, those eager to start playing Phoenix right away will have to be patient ⁠— Riot has confirmed Valorant will launch in Summer 2020 for “most regions around the world.” As of yet, there’s been no exact release date locked in.

It is expected that Valorant will have a beta period to test things in the new FPS though. It was originally thought to be dropping on March 2, according to Rod 'Slasher' Breslau, but that came and went without a release.

Eurogamer also suggested on March 4 the beta would be dropping “in the next few days,” but Dexerto confirmed with Riot this was not true either. For now, we’ll just have to wait patiently as more Valorant details are revealed.

Unfortunately, the wait for more in-depth gameplay videos on the title goes on too, after Riot made the “difficult” call to cancel their capture events due to concerns around the ongoing spread of coronavirus.

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