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TSM’s Wardell reveals Valorant secrets to Operator success

Published: 23/Sep/2020 2:02 Updated: 23/Sep/2020 2:21

by Alan Bernal


Team SoloMid ace Operator (OP) Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu explained some of the guidelines to keep in mind when using the one-shot sniper in Valorant including flicks, jiggle peeks, and more.

The OP Academy guru broke down the fundamentals for the long-range rifle, piquing Valorant players’ interest seeing as Wardell is easily one of the most exciting pro Valorant players to pick up the gun.

As an Oper, there’s a unique skillset to play around and master when trying to open up a round with a pick or a trade. Going for raw, straightforward peeks can be very risky depending on the situation, luckily there are tools to make the shot swing in your favor.


For Wardell, his hyper-aggressive playstyle wouldn’t work that well in pro matches if he didn’t have a superb understanding of the basics.

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Bad positioning with the OP can leave Valorant players in dangerous spots.

Oppressive Flicks

One of the least reliable shots for people that are just picking up a sniper, a Flick demands quick accuracy to hit the target when moving the crosshair across the screen.

Like many aim tips, this is going to come down to your mouse sensitivity and how effectively you practice or get accustomed to the movement.

Depending on how much you want to practice, Wardell recommends trying out different sensitivities for your mouse while going to The Range to do a regiment of flicks in every direction.


Improvement won’t be instant, but you’ll start to build the muscle memory that Wardell credits as a crucial part of having consistent performances with the Op.

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Choose favorable angles to OP in Valorant, such as the ones that let you instantly retreat.

Opt for better Angles

Ops are high-risk/high-reward weapons. But your positioning with the gun will give you the advantage, so long as you adapt to the round.

Wardell covered ‘smart angles’ to cover, which basically has to do with your fall-back strategy should your shot miss or an opponent is looking to trade out a kill on you.

What’s special about Valorant is that, depending on which Agent you choose, players can make their own favorable angle while having an exit strategy in mind.


Just make sure not to stay in the open or in a ‘pre-fireable’ spot, since you’ll start to let your advantages slip the more you’re exposed.

Optimal ‘Easy Shots’

It’s happened to everyone, you have the timing and tracking to land the one-tap, but you completely miss a makeable shot.

This is why Wardell stresses not to “instantly shoot, (but) don’t wait too long to shoot either.” The middle ground he’s alluding to here is a combination of analyzing your opponent’s movement while confirming you have the target in your sights.

As an OPer, Wardell says you have to look if your opponent is going to jiggle peek or wide swing. For players taking up the sniper, you need to adapt your trigger discipline accordingly to avoid getting played with someone who knows you’re holding down the angle.


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Some OP kills can get tricky, so don’t flub the easy shots that come by.

Landing those ‘easy shots’ only sounds doable until you’re the one getting flamed for missing a clear opportunity.

This is only the first of Wardell’s four-part guide on using the Op, so Valorant players looking to improve with the sniper should start taking notes from one of the best in the game today.