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Team Liquid enter Valorant with ScreaM and Fish123

Published: 13/Jul/2020 20:10 Updated: 13/Jul/2020 21:06

by Alan Bernal


Team Liquid have entered the Valorant competitive landscape by signing Counter-Strike legend Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom, along with up-and-coming team ‘fish123,’ per ESPN Esports.

Earlier reports suggested that TL was in serious talks with the cluster of players, but new information now points to the deal being “more formalized,” according to ESPN.


Since the Ignition series started, more top tier-orgs have been jumping into Riot’s emerging esport with plenty of speculation on who Team Liquid would find to represent their banner throughout early tournaments and the like.

ScreaM and fish123 are reportedly signing to become Team Liquid’s Valorant roster.

ScreaM has already shown that his aptitude for headshots are alive as ever in Valorant, with the former CS:GO pro finding early success in competitive events both in the beta and in matchmaking. The 26-year-old Belgian was a consistent highlight reel throughout his career and, at the individual level, hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down.


Meanwhile, the collective of fish123 were steadily becoming household names for fans who paid close attention to their rise. Fish123 managed to qualify for the $2,000 COOLER Cup and win out with the top prize against the likes of the Ninjas in Pyjamas as well as Prodigy, which included Scream at the time.

It wasn’t until Take The Throne #6 where fish123 had ScreaM as a stand-in and Team Liquid’s future roster first entered a competitive setting as a unit.

Though the three-team event ended with a 0-2 loss to French squad ‘HypHypHyp,’ the makeshift 5-stack of fish123 still put out a strong showing.

WePlay Valorant invitational scream with fish123, new Team Liquid roster.
WePlay TV
The five players were already set to play in the WePlay VALORANT Invitational.

That’s something Team Liquid are going to look to build upon, since ScreaM and the formerly-amateur British team are about to represent one of the biggest names in esports.

Fish123 and ScreaM were expected to play together in the WePlay! VALORANT Invitational before news broke that the team was signing with TL.

While it’s unclear if they will still go into that event as ‘fish123,’ if the NA org confirms the reports, this collective will play under the blue-and-white Team Liquid colors in the foreseeable future.


Team Liquid’s reported Valorant roster:

  • Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom
  • Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles
  • Dom ‘soulcas’ Sulcas
  • James ‘Kryptix’ Affleck
  • Travis ‘L1NK’ Mendoza
Call of Duty

CoD streamers slam Warzone star WarsZ for “pathetic” K/D tanking

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:16

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone stars continue to call each other out – this time Tommey is joined by HusKerrs and others in critiquing multi-event champion, WarsZ, for manipulating tournament Kill-Death Ratio (K/D) caps by tanking his account.

With more and more money being piled into Warzone tournaments, the stakes are higher than ever and competitors are understandably adamant about integrity. Many of these competitions have turned to K/D caps, as a way to limit good players from forming super squads that’ll end up dominating the opposition.


Following earlier condemnations from top streamers like NICKMERCS and Aydan about others gaming the K/D cap limits, Tommey has exposed WarsZ in particular for allegedly partaking in the unfair practice.

Tommey, a former Call of Duty League player and multi-time Warzone champion, did not hesitate to single out WarsZ for a suspicious drop in his kill-death ration just ahead of this week’s leg of the $210,000 Vikkstar Warzone Showdown. 


Although the caps have been instituted in tournaments to provide for better parity among teams, they can also be manipulated by purposefully delivering uncharacteristically poor performances.

WarsZ has won six Warzone championships across different tournaments, so Tommey’s linked image of the streamer having double-digit zero-kill matches in the past few days is particularly damning.

“People seem to be scared of the repercussions but I’m fed up with the bulls**t,” Tommey tweeted, tagging the rival competitor directly while calling the alleged tanking “pathetic.”


As for WarsZ’s response, it was not well-received. Suggesting that this notable drop in K/D was spurred by having his “girl” play on his account, a variety of notable Warzone competitors slammed the excuse. Among those wast renowned multi-time champion, HusKerrs, who replied simply, “Brother, c’mon now… nobody is buying that.”

Popular streamer DougisRaw also chimed in, mocking the excuse for how obviously the screenshot goes against the idea of letting an inexperienced player drop in for some games: “Damn, your girl plays solo squads. She’s cracked.”


While none of the allegations can be proven, many seem dissatisfied with WarsZ’s excuse and believes it is unfair to competitors like Jukeyz and others who were unable to snag tournament spots because of their high K/D.


It must be noted, as Tommey mentioned in the tweet above, that Vikkstar’s tournament technically doesn’t prohibit such a tactic, so while WarsZ isn’t breaking any rules, it’s fair to say that the rest of the big-name competitors don’t think too highly of it.

It remains to be seen if other tournaments will begin following NICKMERCS in the way he runs his MFAM Gauntlets, monitoring participants’ past in-game performances to make sure that they’re not trying to circumvent the K/D cap.