Stylish Valorant Agent skins put casual spin on Sage, Jett, more

Riot Games / Yajuu_ (Twitter)

While Valorant boasts a diverse roster of Agents, Riot has stood firm against character skins, but this casual concept could be the perfect workaround while maintaining character relatability.

Valorant’s Agents are an integral part of the tactical shooter. Each Agent has the potential to change the landscape of the battlefield with their abilities, so Riot made their stance clear on how they intend players to view them in-game.

Given that each character’s abilities can often determine the outcome of an engagement, the developers decided not to implement Agent skins, so players wouldn’t be confused as to which character they’re fighting (with the inherent player model variability that comes with cosmetics).

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Valorant Agents.Riot Games
Agent skins could take away from a character’s persona and ruin the consistency of their appearance.

With competitive integrity being at the forefront of Riot’s priorities, the developers have no intention of implementing cosmetics onto Agents which could in-turn ruin their objective.

Although one savvy artist has used their talents to devise a concept that might just hold the key to allowing character skins in Valorant. Yajuu created ‘casual attire’ sets for Sage, Jett, Viper and Raze, while still maintaining each Agent’s persona with each render.

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By keeping the color scheme for each character consistent with their original design, Yajuu manages to make each cosmetic relatable while giving a more relaxed appearance to each character.

With so many fans requesting Agent skins in-game, this could be the perfect compromise without affecting the game’s competitive integrity too much.

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Should Riot look to implement a more casual spin on Agent skins, they could look to implement them solely in Unrated matches, to ensure players seeking a more competitive experience in their Rated playlist only have one character model to deal with.

With how much praise that the artist’s handiwork received on both social media and the Valorant subreddit, there is definitely scope to include something of this nature in-game.