Strange Valorant ‘glitch’ could be teaser for next new Agent

unofficialchicken via Reddit

Valorant players are highly suspicious of a green orb ‘glitch’ that’s been appearing on Split before rounds start, with some believing it’s a new teaser for the next Agent in the game.

Riot Games have already announced that the end of Act 2 is scheduled for October 13, which means that the start of Act 3 should be immediately after. Of course, the release of a brand new subsection in Episode 1 means another Agent will be making their way to the game.

No information on Agent 13 has been announced thus far, and with a full month left to go in Act 2, players are grasping for any details on the upcoming reveal.

But now people, like Redditor ‘unofficialchicken,’ are coming across a glowing orb that’s throwing them for a loop with how it behaves before ultimately disappearing from the map.

unofficialchicken via Reddit
The bizarre green and blue orb found on Split, around the corner from where the Killjoy cutout teaser was previously placed.

During a game of Spike Rush, where orbs of different colors are spread throughout the map, the attacking team was dumbfounded after coming up on the mysterious floating spectre.

“Yo what is this? Guys come to A, come to A. What the–,” unofficialchicken said, hoping their teammates would join them in the revels of the moment before the object disappeared.

People quickly chimed in saying that it could be a glitch by anything such as a botched Sage ability asset (though Sage wasn’t in the game), residual effects from a Finisher animation, a bugged powerup orb, or something else.

But what really piqued players’ interest was the animation attached to the orb before it left, leading the Valorant community to determine the incident looked too intentional for it to be a bug: “No way this is some sort of glitch. Look at the way it fades out, they definitely added some sort of animation or teaser thing in game.”

The first Killjoy teaser technically came packaged with the Act 1 Battlepass on June 2, courtesy of the ‘Vertraulich’ banner after reaching Tier 48. A month later, Riot put a cutout for the Agent in the sneaker store on Split, which further teased her release in Act 2.

In a similar capacity, the Act 2 Battlepass has a Tier 48 banner called ‘The Way Forward’ that also seems to be a teaser for an unknown Agent’s lore.

Riot Games
A mysterious banner laced in each Valorant Battlepass is becoming a norm.

Interestingly enough, both the in-game glitched orb and the Act 2 banner share the same green and blue color scheme, so the evidence is piling up that this isn’t just some weird glitch but rather a clever way of teasing the next new Agent.

It’s unclear if the two are connected, but with over a month until the next Battlepass, the Valorant community are already looking forward to what, and who, Act 3 will bring.