Nadeshot says content creators must watch out for Scump: “F***ing dangerous”

Scump and Nadeshot in side-by-side imagesMLG/YouTube: 100 Thieves Cast

100 Thieves CEO and former OpTic Call of Duty star Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has said that other content creators need to watch out for Seth ‘Scump’ Abner as he plans his pivot to full-time content and continuing his reign of dominance in CoD.

Scump and Nadeshot are more familiar with each other than almost any other duo in Call of Duty history, having spent years living and playing together, and, as noted by the two over the years, competing to stay ahead of each other on Twitch.

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Both have slowed down their content grinds over the years, with Nadeshot starting 100 Thieves and Scump unable to commit to content creation as his playing commitments became progressively more arduous.

Now, though, Scump has officially retired from CoD and is ready to dive head-first into content, with Twitch streams and YouTube uploads in abundance — and Nadeshot has put fellow streamers on notice.

“I don’t think anything is going to slow down for him,” Nadeshot said in the latest episode of the CouRage & Nadeshot Show. “I think content creation full-time, it’s f**king dangerous out here, because that man knows how to entertain.”

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He then spoke about how competitive they were together, always trying to one-up each other for viewership. However, he said was always envious and had imposter syndrome because Scump was more entertaining than him.

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It’s fair to say that while Call of Duty is in somewhat of a downturn content-wise, with some of the biggest streamers stating that they’ve found it difficult to find success with the game, Scump could be about to make a lot of lives even harder.

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Many expect to see him sweep up viewers, dominating CoD content as he did in the past. And now that he can go all-in on it, it’s hard to see anything else happening.