Riot will fix ‘rough’ Valorant RNG for repeating maps in matchmaking

Riot Games

Riot Games are going to fix an issue with Valorant’s matchmaking that assigns the same map to players for multiple matches in a row.

The developers said that they’re going to address the map selector’s RNG (random number generator) that determines which arena people drop into after finding a match. Riot is aiming to have a solution that will expand the scope of this RNG to allow for more map diversity in the game.

This will prevent people from landing on, say, Split for the duration of their games on a given day, with some people even trying to find solutions or workarounds for repeatedly getting the same maps.

While the Valorant community has been contending with this for some time, Riot Games Director Joseph Ziegler announced a new development in the works for the map selection system in the game.

“For everyone having a rough night where you get the same map too many times in a row: We’re working on a solution to make the map selector less likely to RNG you into the same map over and over,” Ziegler wrote.

It should be noted, since the Ignition Series launched, there are only four maps in Valorant; that includes Ascent, Bind, Haven, and the aforementioned Split. While some have posed that the solution could be fixed by introducing new maps, the devs are going to tackle what could be the root of the problem.

Players have been expressing their concerns with Valorant’s matchmaking map selector for months, attributing the problem to bugs or simply having bad luck.

The community have even invented alternate ways to tackle the issue, with popular DJ Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski even throwing an idea into the mix.

“Maybe there could be a max amount of times you can play a map in a row (maybe three times max?) at which point a map-change is forced?” Zedd wrote. “I personally like that you CAN’T pick a map (also keeps cue times shorter). It prevents people from five-stacking and ranking up off of one individual map a bit.”

Zedd touched on the popular notion of introducing a matchmaking system from games like CS:GO into Valorant, in which someone can select which specific map to queue up for.

Riot hasn’t alluded to implementing something like that into Valorant, so the community will be hopeful that the RNG fix will mend the issues with the map selector as soon as it’s implemented.