Riot responds to Valorant criticism over upcoming “spicy” ranked queue changes

Andrew Amos
Phoenix and Viper in Valorant

A new batch of Valorant ranked changes are coming on patch 3.10, bringing back five-stacks at all ranks while removing four-stacks to improve “the solo experience”. The “spicy” changes have been met with skepticism, but Riot is confident it’ll work.

After Riot capped Valorant’s ranked queue size at higher ranks in February 2021 ⁠— and implemented a number of other restrictions ⁠— players were content, for the most part.

However, in a backflip during Episode 3 Act 3’s launch, Riot were somewhat reverting the changes made to the ranked queues 10 months prior.

In Valorant patch 3.10 ⁠— due to launch on November 16 ⁠— five-stack premades will be back at all ranks after months of promises.

It was met with considerable criticism online, but developer Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker promised players it’ll be a better experience for all.

Valorant Agents
You will be able to five-stack with all of your Valorant friends come patch 3.10.

“We made this change because the community wanted it and we felt like we could make it work with the goals of ranked queue,” EvrMoar explained.

Five-stacks are returning, but four-stacks will be banished from all ranks. This means solo queuing players can’t get picked on by their premade teammates.

On top of that, at Diamond 3 and higher, five-stack premade groups will only match with other five-stacks ⁠— and they will gain RP at a slower rate.

“There will be extremely harsh penalties if you are in a group and you will gain or lose way less RR for a win or loss,” EvrMoar said.

“There will most likely be a queue time increase for these players as well. So technically you are gaining less rank, and waiting longer to play matches, going against other five stacks. It’s not the most efficient way to climb, it’s there for players who want to play with friends.”

EvrMoar also claimed the removal of four-stacking “should greatly increase the solo experience”, but Riot are keeping an eye on community sentiment in the following weeks.

“I do want to call out, we know this is a spicy change. We will be monitoring for exploits, how it’s received, and if it’s just not working we will change it.”