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Riot Games investigating Valorant ‘wallhack’ bug after Patch 1.04

Published: 22/Jul/2020 18:23

by Andy Williams


Riot Games are looking into a Valorant bug, which is causing some players to see player silhouettes on Ascent when using the A-Site door controls.

Competitive integrity is at the forefront of Riot’s priorities in Valorant. At its core, Riot’s first-person shooter has all the right ingredients to be a tier-one esport, with ranked play at the center of the game.

And while bugs and glitches in a game are inevitable, being able to physically see where the enemy team is positioned through a solid-surface is a game-breaker (unless you’re crafty with those Sova Recon Bolts).

That so happens to be the case after Valorant’s July 21 update, which has brought with it a major glitch that is granting players the ability to locate the opposition when interacting with the door controls on Ascent’s A Reactor Site.

Reactor Site A on Ascent in Valorant.
Riot Games
Players can see through the control pad for the door at A-Site on Ascent.

Valorant Patch 1.04 giving players wallhacks?

The ability to see your opposite number is usually only ever granted with some kind of cheat. But, as discovered by one savvy Reddit user, the latest update is inadvertently cutting out the middle man.

After posting the bug to the Valorant subreddit, it was swiftly clocked by a Riot Games dev, who acknowledged that they’d be looking into sending out a hotfix as soon as possible.

“Wow, that’s a nasty bug! Thanks for reporting it, and thanks for providing a video example too! I just messaged the relevant team about this.”

Of course, given Riot’s reputation of fixing any bugs that crop up as part of an update, it’s highly likely that this will be patched before it has any long-term effects.

But in the meantime, if you get taken out through the door at A-Site on Ascent, just know that there’s a good chance the enemy team is using this exploit until Riot manage to roll out a patch across all regions.


Valorant leak suggests Riot finally planning to add controller support

Published: 28/Oct/2020 1:56

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Valorant is one of the few first-person shooters that still lacks controller support, but it seems like that’s about to change after a leaker found a massive hint hidden in the code.

Gamers have been butting heads for years over which input method is better for first-person shooters. Some feel like the control and precision you get with a mouse and keyboard is unparalleled. Others believe that controllers are more comfortable, and coupled with aim-assist, it can be as good if not better.

The reality is that first-person shooters are popular with controller users as well as mouse and keyboard users. People like to use the input method that is most comfortable for them. 

In a world where cross-platform is becoming the norm, more and more games have been adding controller support. However, Valorant hasn’t added it in yet. It could be because it isn’t available on consoles for the time being.

Valorant Leak Controller Support
Riot Games
Players have been debating over which input method is better for many years.

Still, players who prefer controllers have been eagerly awaiting to know when it will come. Fortunately, it seems like they won’t need to wait much longer.

A leaker found compelling evidence controller support is on the cards. They shared it on Twitter: “Oh I forgot to mention, possible controller support incoming.”

The lines of code are specifically for Right Analog Deadzone, Right Analog Sensitivity X, and Right Analog Sensitivity Y. These are all related to controller input, and it’s a strong suggestion that controller support is coming. 

However, Valorant does already have some controller support in spectator mode; it’s entirely possible that these lines of code could be referring to that.

“There’s very light controller support for the spectator client,” said one Twitter user. “I’ve been using it for observing the last week or so. Idk if that’s what these lines could be referring towards.”

Either way, although the evidence isn’t conclusive, it’s a potential hint that controller support could be on the way. At this point, Valorant players desperate to use a controller are willing to take what they can get.

At the end of the day, full controller support is bound to come at some point, and there’s a reason why it’s an option in almost every other first-person shooter on the market.

Some players want to use them, regardless of whether it’s superior or inferior to mouse and keyboard. And they should be entitled to that.