Riot Games investigating Valorant ‘wallhack’ bug after Patch 1.04

Andy Williams

[jwplayer pjZsR9ju] Riot Games are looking into a Valorant bug, which is causing some players to see player silhouettes on Ascent when using the A-Site door controls.

Competitive integrity is at the forefront of Riot’s priorities in Valorant. At its core, Riot’s first-person shooter has all the right ingredients to be a tier-one esport, with ranked play at the center of the game.

And while bugs and glitches in a game are inevitable, being able to physically see where the enemy team is positioned through a solid-surface is a game-breaker (unless you’re crafty with those Sova Recon Bolts).

That so happens to be the case after Valorant’s July 21 update, which has brought with it a major glitch that is granting players the ability to locate the opposition when interacting with the door controls on Ascent’s A Reactor Site.

Reactor Site A on Ascent in Valorant.
Players can see through the control pad for the door at A-Site on Ascent.

Valorant Patch 1.04 giving players wallhacks?

The ability to see your opposite number is usually only ever granted with some kind of cheat. But, as discovered by one savvy Reddit user, the latest update is inadvertently cutting out the middle man.

After posting the bug to the Valorant subreddit, it was swiftly clocked by a Riot Games dev, who acknowledged that they’d be looking into sending out a hotfix as soon as possible.

“Wow, that’s a nasty bug! Thanks for reporting it, and thanks for providing a video example too! I just messaged the relevant team about this.”

Of course, given Riot’s reputation of fixing any bugs that crop up as part of an update, it’s highly likely that this will be patched before it has any long-term effects.

But in the meantime, if you get taken out through the door at A-Site on Ascent, just know that there’s a good chance the enemy team is using this exploit until Riot manage to roll out a patch across all regions.

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