Riot confirms you can get free VP in Valorant but there’s a catch

Glitchpop Judge in ValorantRiot Games

We promise you this is not a scam ⁠— there is a way of getting free Valorant Points. Riot have even confirmed this. However, there’s a catch. You’re going to have to dust off MS Paint and get your best artist skills on.

Painfully close to getting the Glitchpop collection? How about blazing through an Agent contract without waiting so you can get your hands on Killjoy? Don’t want to drop another $10 just to get together 20 VP?

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There’s a way to get free Valorant Points from Riot to help you. This isn’t an elaborate scam, but rather the continuation of a long-running program from League of Legends in their new FPS title.

Elderflame Collection in ValorantRiot Games
Only a few VP shy of your next skin collection? Riot can help you out.

For years ⁠— since the launch of League of Legends in 2009 ⁠— Riot has been giving players free RP to buy their favorite skins and champions. If they’ve been shy by around 20 or so, they’ll tell the player to submit a drawing of anything League-related and they can get the currency.

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This practice has become embedded in League culture. People celebrate their “RP art,” often sharing it with the community if they think of something witty. For the League 10 celebration, some popular RP art even got made into champion cards when players loaded into the game.

Better yet, there’s even a website dedicated to showcasing some of the ‘best’ RP art out there. No matter if it’s a terrible paint job, a hilarious comic, or actually good art, everyone loves a bit of RP art.

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Now, you can do the same thing in Valorant. A Riot support staffer confirmed that if you need anything up to 50 VP, you should be able to submit a piece of art from Valorant to get your much-needed currency.

Valorant support message about free VPReddit: randomlitbois
You can get free VP from Riot, but only if you whip up a bit of art for them to enjoy.

“Unfortunately, I cannot give out Valorant Points for free, but that doesn’t mean I cannot help you out. If you can submit to me an original piece of artwork that’s in the Valorant universe, I’ll see what I can do to help. It can be done on something as simple as MS Paint,” the Riot support staffer said.

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Reddit user ‘randomlitbois’ shared the knowledge with the world, showcasing their own “Sneaky Sage” artwork to get 40 VP. “I’ve used my immaculate tracing skills to conjure this bad boy up,” they said in the support ticket to Riot.

Poorly drawn Valorant artwork of Sage and Omen for Valorant PointsReddit: randomlitbois
Here is randomlitbois’ masterpiece that netted them the Glitchpop Bulldog of their dreams.

How to get free VP in Valorant

If you want to get your free VP to grab the next collection, or help level up your contracts or battle pass, here’s how.

  1. Submit a support ticket to Riot here.
  2. Choose “Purchases & In-game Content” or “General” as your Request type.
  3. Wait for your reply from Riot to see if they can help you out.
  4. Draw your magnificent piece of art.
  5. Submit it back to Riot, and the VP should appear in your account in the coming days.

It’s likely this will only work for a small amount of Valorant Points, so don’t expect to buy an entire collection by doing this. However, if you don’t want to splash the cash needed for just an extra 20 VP, you can get a helping hand from Riot.

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Typically Riot will only fulfil such a request once per account. Although, if another situation arises down the line, you can always try your luck again. So, if you want that Glitchpop Bulldog like randomlitbois, get drawing!

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