Rapper ScHoolboy Q reveals his favorite Valorant team

Daniel Appleford
ScHoolboy Q on NRG

Rapper ScHoolboy Q revealed that his favorite team currently competing in the Valorant Champions Tour is NRG when answering questions on Twitter/X.

The popularity of Valorant esports is on the rise as Riot Games has expanded its global presence as matches are accessible for live viewing by fans in various countries.

The developer recently revamped its esports studio, the Riot Games Arean, originally designed for in-person League of Legends events, to cater to the needs of its new Valorant league. Following an extensive offseason preparation, Riot ushered in the new season in mid-February with VCT Kickoff tournaments across its four leagues, gearing up for the first international event of the year.

There are currently only four teams in the Americas region competing for the chance to compete at Masters Madrid – LOUD, Evil Geniuses, Sentinels and NRG. The latter of which has been chosen by ScHoolboy Q as his favorite team to keep up with in the VCT.

ScHoolboy Q shares his love for Valorant

The rapper took to Twitter/X to answer some of his fans’ questions, which quickly began revolving around gaming. What started as a debate between Xbox and PlayStation turned into a debate about which FPS title was superior.

ScHoolboy Q revealed that not only was he a PC gamer, but that Valorant is currently his favorite game. Which was met with some criticism from the Counter-Strike community.

“CSGO is better Q,” said one Twitter/X user. “C’mon, bruh.”

ScHoolboy Q was quick to respond, saying that while he did play Counter-Strike, he favored Valorant – saying that it was the superior title between the two. His love for Valorant then prompted a follow-up question regarding if he had a favorite Valorant team.

He responded with NRG, which soon gained attention from the VCT scene. The NRG players and coach joined in on the conversation to show their appreciation for the rapper.

“NRG LETS GO,” said NRG content creator Jollz. “If you wanna run some games lmk.”

One NRG fan even suggested that NRG’s new walkout song should be ‘Man of the Hour’ by ScHoolboy Q to honor him as a fan. NRG are set to take the stage again on March 2 and could still change up their walkout song for him.