Ninja hits out at suspected Valorant cheaters on stream

Ninja next to Valorant hacker messageRiot Games/Twitch: ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was left frustrated after encountering a number of Valorant players who he strongly suspected of cheating, dying multiple times in suspicious circumstances.

Riot Games’ Valorant has captivated its millions of fans since its full release back in June. Described by many as a direct rival to Counter-Strike, many CS:GO pros have ditched Valve’s tactical shooter in favor of Valorant.

While Ninja has not demonstrated desires to go pro in Valorant, he has devoted significant portions of his live streams to the game.

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Following some time on Among Us, Ninja committed to one game on Valorant before turning in for the night, but it quickly descended into frustration, with the ex-Halo pro accusing multiple enemies of cheating.

ninja twitch return streaming mixerNinja
Ninja has returned to Twitch in a surprising move – after Mixer’s unexpected shutdown.

Suspicions quickly rose when the enemy Reyna took out Ninja incredibly quickly, following a number of seriously jaw dropping plays.

“That Reyna’s cheating,” he said quickly. “There’s no doubt in my mind… there’s no doubt in my mind she’s cheating.”

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Ninja quickly proceeded to confront the players in game chat, as well as reporting the Reyna player for their suspicious plays. The allegations were denied by the enemies.

However, later on in the game, Ninja became suspicious of the entire enemy team, as he was once again taken out immediately after rounding a corner.

“Bro that is the sussest sh*t I’ve ever seen!” he exclaimed, after the enemy Cypher eliminated him from the round. “No shot, no shot… I think they might all be [cheating]. That Cypher just f**king swings, jiggles and hits me immediately. He headshots you through me, both of us simultaneously, with the pre-fire too by the way.”

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Without killcams it is incredibly tough to say for certain whether the opponents were cheating, but Ninja grew increasingly frustrated as the match wore on. He capped off an immensely annoying evening by tweeting: “I just played some of the most SUS/Blatant cheaters in Valorant in a long time.”

Whether they get voted out of future matches remains to be seen, but Ninja remained highly suspicious of their in-game behavior until the match ended.

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