Nadeshot gets revenge on xQc for claiming he gets “carried” in Valorant

xqc and nadeshot side by sideTwitch: xQc/Nadeshot

100 Thieves founder and CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag couldn’t believe it when top Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel accused him of being carried in Valorant — and immediately sought out revenge.

While 100 Thieves has been one of the best Valorant teams in North America since they stepped into the scene, Nadeshot has made it his mission to become a great Valorant player himself.

He regularly streams his sessions on his road to Radiant and sometimes plays with top-ranked players too, including the likes of Tarik. As such, though, xQc accused him of being carried up the leaderboards.

While he wasn’t exactly annoyed by xQc’s comments, Nade didn’t let it go without punishment and sought vengeance in-game.

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Nadeshot wearing 100 Thieves Foundations apparel100 Thieves
Nadeshot has started taking Valorant pretty seriously.

After seeing the clip of xQc saying he was carried in Valorant, Nade’s jaw literally dropped. “Bro, what!” he exclaimed, before finding him in a Rust server during a tournament.

“Hey, bro, I’m not boosted on Valorant, man,” he said, confronting the Twitch star, before asking his friends whether he should kill xQc in Rust — all of whom said he should go for it.

Admitting that his hands were sweating but giggling like a kid at Christmas, Nadeshot shoots xQc in the back of the head before running off and saying he’s “got to get off the server forever.”

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The former Call of Duty pro then tried shifting the blame onto his friends, saying that “Y’all told me to” kill him, but the damage had already been done, with xQc himself clearly dumbfounded by what had happened.

Nadeshot did hit Immortal back in February 2022, and has clearly taken huge strides in his gameplay, regularly posting clips online to showcase some of his improvements.

There’s no doubting that Nade has benefitted from having some of the greatest Valorant players in North America to hand but, to his credit, he’s definitely improved – and even carried them in games.

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Was xQc right in saying he’s been carried to his high ranks, though? It’s impossible to say.