Nadeshot hits back at calls for JKap to be fired as LA Thieves CDL coach

Nadeshot and Jkap for LA ThievesLA Thieves

100 Thieves CEO has responded to calls from critics to remove Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan from his head coach role with Call of Duty League franchise LA Thieves.

LA Thieves had a horrible run of Major 2 qualifier matches, going 0-5 to enter the Major LAN as the lowest-seeded team in attendance.

While conversations are had around the community as to why the CDL side is struggling so much, and how they can fix it, one idea that has commonly been bandied about is removing JKap from his head coaching role.

While this has been suggested alongside all manner of possible starting roster changes, Nade has spoken out against people saying JKap should be fired.

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la thieves 2022 cdl rosterLA Thieves
LA Thieves have had some serious struggles.

During a Twitch stream following LA Thieves’ final qualifier match, Nadeshot spoke out about their issues.

He said: “If it came down to it, and all four players came to Muddawg [general manager] and said ‘Hey, we don’t want this guy in this room with us anymore. We don’t think he can get us where we need to go.’ We’re gonna move on.

“But this mentality on the CoD Competitive subreddit that we’re only keeping JKap around because I’m friends with him is f**king bulls**t. We’re keeping JKap around because he is an incredible coach, was wildly successful in his career, and there is nobody at the caliber of which he approaches the game besides other coaches like Rambo and Crowder.”

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It’s clear that Nadeshot still rates JKap highly as a coach, and the players apparently haven’t made any complaints about him, so we shouldn’t expect to see the two-time world champion moved on any time soon.

Nadeshot did say, however, that the team has discussed the possibility of bringing in a coach for Search and Destroy, with Nade himself admitting that “JKap wasn’t the best Search and Destroy player himself.”

The team has had troubles in S&D, but is this the key to bringing the glory the organization is calling for?